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Social Media Beyond the Basics

No description

Talia Sanders

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of Social Media Beyond the Basics

Social Media
Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics
How to determine which social media outlets fit your audience
How to build an audience beyond your core supporters
How to write an engaging post
How analytics can help you post more effectively
When to use Facebook boosts and other features
A workshop tailored specifically to the needs of non-profits participating in Missoula Gives!

You already know the social media basics. This workshop will take your skills to the next level.
How to determine which social media outlets
fit your audience
Where is your audience?
Others: YouTube, SnapChat, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest
How to build an audience beyond
your core supporters
Create strong social profiles and pages
Add links of your social accounts
Cross-promote your social accounts
Follow and engage with your audience
Paid social advertising
Use hash tags
Post engaging content consistently
How to write an engaging post
Know your audience
Be entertaining
Always use a visual
Keep it short
Use relevant hash tags
Always tag others
Pay attention to analytics and adjust
Using Analytics
Consistently evaluate and adjust
Facebook example
Twitter example
Instagram example
Other Facebook Features
Facebook Live
Paid Ads
Pages App
Other Tips and Tricks for Missoula Gives Day
Why do people want to donate to you?
Build audience and campaign EARLY
Engage people in your unique story and cause
Give thank yous and shout outs
Use hash tags
Use time: 9a.m, 12p.m, 6p.m generally
Use a visual for your goal
Encourage donors to share I gave badge
Partner with a local business
Find a match donor
Employee donation program
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