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Jews in Elizabethan Times

The social and political status of Jews in the Elizabethan Times.

Han Wi

on 22 April 2012

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Transcript of Jews in Elizabethan Times

Jews in Elizabethan Times Jews were considered to be responsible
for spreading the Bubonic Plague by the Christians. Christians believed the Jews had magical powers that they received from the Devil. Jews were associated with witches. Jews had been restricted to two occupations: money lending and peddlers. The Jews were not allowed to have legal businesses or employment. The city was locked to the Jews from sunset to sunrise. They lived in ghettos outside the city. The Jews were portrayed as greedy men in plays and literature. In the Middle Period (1290-1655), Jews were not allowed in England. The natives did not want competition from the Jews. The English often thought anyone who was not Anglican as a tool of Satan. Overall, Jews held a low position in society and did not have much freedom in politics.
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