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Essay Writing

No description

Amy Thoman

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Essay Writing

Central idea
Start with a Thesis Statement
(Controlling Idea)
factual statements from the text
What is support?
How do you cite it?
READ YOUR ESSAY...like you've never seen it before. Make sure the ideas are clear and well-supported. Does your explanation make sense?
CHECK FOR word choice: Is it specific and sophisticated? Is the tone appropriate? Have you used academic vocabulary correctly and precisely?
Making sense of the storm inside your head...
Essay Writing
Main idea
It answers the prompt.
Topic Sentences
Supporting Ideas
Main points in support of the thesis


Central point
Paraphrased Details
(How do I start this??)
statement or question about an idea in your essay
Provide context for the essay
Introduce the texts you will be discussing (author, type and title)
(controlling idea)
Quoting Texts
When to use a quote:
when the writer's words are memorable
when the writer's words say it better than you can
when you want to add power and authority to your paper
three little dots that indicate when you have left out material from a quote because it's unnecessary to make your point EXAMPLE: For instance, Jackson states, "Many refugees...are often unable to leave their country with those belongings they do have" (line 12).
Four ways to integrate quotations:
1. Introduce the quotation with a complete sentence and a colon.
2. Use an introductory or explanatory phrase, but not a complete sentence, separating it from the quotation with a comma.
3. Make the quotation a part of your own sentence without any punctuation (other than quotation marks) between your own words and the words you are quoting.
4. Use short quotations -- only a few words--as part of your own sentence.
It is debatable.
It uses strong word choices.
Example: In his confession at Nuremberg, Rudolph Hess shows a disturbing indifference to his crimes.
Minions for the Thesis Statement
Topic Sentence: Throughout his confession, Hess uses cold, emotionless language to describe events and actions that are deeply unsettling to most readers.
THESIS: In his confession at Nuremberg, Rudolph Hess shows a disturbing indifference to his crimes.
Thesis: Hess had no remorse.

I. Topic Sentence : emotionless language
A. knew they were dead when screams ended
B. children hid but they found them

II. Topic Sentence: pride in accomplishing Nazi "final solution"
A. research at Treblinka
B. various "improvements"

Restate thesis statement - different words, same idea.
Highlight key points of interest from essay.
End with a prediction or recommendation, revisit your hook or make a profound statement.
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