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RMM OCS Presentation

Preliminary System Diagrams and Concepts

janae futrell

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of RMM OCS Presentation

Source: ARC

Preliminary System Diagrams & Concepts
Thank you for your time and comments!
Janae Futrell, Mobility Manager
Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
Phase 1 - Robust Information and Referral
Web-Based Input
Phase 1:Web-Based Inputs & Outputs
Current Draft System Diagram
Existing Websites
Existing Website
New York City & Idaho
Mapped Data Examples for the RMM OCS
Phase 2: Web-Based Inputs & Outputs
Sample Screen Shots - Pilot Site Software Functions
Source: Cambridge Systematics
Source: Cambridge Systematics
Source: Cambridge Systematics
Sample Screen Shots - Pilot Site Software Functions
Sample Screen Shots - Pilot Site Software Functions
Transit Data Warehouse
On-Demand Carpooling
Regional Paratransit Georeferenced
Demand-Response Georeferenced
Web-based Tools
e.g., One-Click, sidewalk data
Understanding Gaps
e.g., Data Collection
Bridging Technology
e.g. web to phone
Filling Gaps
e.g., Vouchers, etc.
Human-based Services
e.g. travel training,
personal mobility plans
Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative Grant
Connectivity of the One-Click Project with Mobility Management in the Atlanta Region
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