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How I feel about cellphones in school

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jakaylyn ruffin

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of How I feel about cellphones in school

Students should have phones just in case they're in trouble and need to let there parent know they are okay Just like the incident at that high school with kid who brought a knife and went on a rampage. The school let the parents know they were on shut down but, how did the parents know if their child was okay nobody has the time to call everyone's parents and let them know what happened and if their child is okay.

The app store can be used to download apps that help you study for important test or quizzes. Many kids are supposed to study and the best way to keep their interest is on a electronic device.there are many apps that help you with stuff that you don't understand.Also you might use it to play brain
challenging games.
A language translator
Itunes can be used
Should students be allowed to have cell phones in middle schools and high schools?
Safari is very a useful tool for students. you can use google to research important things. For example if you have a project to do use google there are many sites for you to choose, also if there is a website that a teacher wants students to use we can use our phones instead of the computers, If students don't have cellphones then they can use the computer instead of taking turns ...it will waste time and not get things done.
Students can use the clock app to tell
the time. Or they can use then stopwatch
or timer to time themselves on their work
and pace themselves to get ready for STAAR.
This message is to convince all staffs from all middle schools and high schools to let us students have cell phones to use for school not just to have one or to play games on it but for safety precautions and study reasons. Most staff from middle schools and high schools think that students use there phones just to play around and not pay attention in class... knowing us students we will but that's not the point, we need cell phones for class to search things, take pics for whatever we need pics for, notes, timer, maps to get a destination of something, reminders etc. We can also use cell phones so when we have a free day and there is nothing to do. so i hope this presentation can convince y'all to let us have cell phones :)
Weather may seem boring to kids but that is when you watching news on your phone you pretty much do anything . Example your a teacher and your planning on having a science experiment just pop your phone out. Now if your a student you may play a sport or just got your hair done and you don't know whether it is going to rain or not. All they have to do is go on their phone to see.(keep that hair nice) Or if you need to know if its cold or hot outside so you can know what to wear.
Students can use the reminders app to remind themselves to do homework or important upcoming events and if you forgo your phone will send you a notification and remind you of that assignment.
The iTunes app can be used to download
songs that remind them of important things
they need to remember. The song might
not be inspirational be at least it will help
the student remember.

Maps can be used to locate different cites to pin point them if learning about them the student then can do research on that city.
Notes can be used to take notes in class and they'll never go away unless you delete them.when your done you can study for important quizzes
The camera is also good to use for when a student is sick or not at school you can ask the teacher if you can send them a picture of what the class is doing or a video so they can get caught up when there not at school. you can take pictures for memories or when you need to do a presentation or something and you can use those photos.
The End
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