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Nowhere To Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere To Call Home

Ch. 2
Ch. 3
Ch. 5
Ch. 1
Ch. 4
Nowhere To Call Home
Prezi By Tyler Carlton

Chapter 1
In chapter one, we are introduced to the characters of Frances, Frances dad who is unnamed, and the entire work crew of the house. Frances was asleep until she heard a loud bang noise. She rang her bell and Mrs. Bailey the cook came up. She told Frances that the noise was nothing, but Frances noticed she was worried. Frances got out of bed to only see panic in the house. She walked to her Father's office and Junies, the gardener, quickly told Frances what happend. Her Father had shot himself! Frances was and orphan, and soon, things would only get worse.
Chapter 2
During the 1930's, the Great Depression was going on. During this time the banks were closing, people were losing their money, and businesses were closing. France's father was one of the many people affected by the Great Depression. The bank came to her house and took everything she had, besides personal belongings. Frances is going to have to go to Chicago to live with her Aunt Bushnell. Frances is very mad about having to do this. Soon, Frances will have to make a decision, Hoboing or a normal life.
Chapter 3
In chapter 3 the banks lawyer hands Frances her train ticket and cab money. After that, Frances talked to the servants about a life of hoboing. They were shocked she would even consider that type of life when she was offered a good life in Chicago. Junius tells Frances that he is going to be a hobo on the rails, and that interests Frances very much.
Chapter 4
In chapter four Frances is packing her bags and the personal items she is allowed to bring. The servants are busy gathering money for Frances the train trip and making her food. The thought of a life as a hobo was still fresh in Frances mind. When she said her goodbyes and walked out the door, she had made her decision. She wanted to ride the rails and be a hobo. When she was dropped off at the train station she cashed in her ticket and ran away. I was shocked by this decision that will change Frances life for ever.
Chapter 5
With the money Frances cashed in from the train ticket, she went to the nearest clothing store and bought a hat, overalls, and a shirt. Considering girls were not accepted on the rails, she needed to buy clothes so she looked like a boy. After that, she headed down towards the fence to enter the rail yard, when all the sudden, a man grabbed her arm.
Chapter 6
It was a railroad cop. He grabbed her arm and Frances heart beat fast with fear and worry. He told her that she needed to get out because this was no place for little girls. He let go of her arm and she let out a sigh of relief. He then said he thought she was a hobo and that she was trying to hop a train. Frances responded by saying she was just curious and looking for a good time. He let her go and Frances quietly ran to one of the box cars and hopped in. Then she heard a voice.
Chapter 7
The voice was deep, Frances thought to herself. He said hi, assuming it was a boy. Frances quickly responded by saying hi back in the manliest voice she could. He appeared out of the darkness and frightend Frances. They both looked at each other before sticking their hands out to shake hands. Frances asked for his name and he said it was Stewpot. She said her name was Frankie. They got to talking and eventually, Stewpot said he was hungry. Frankie just remembered the food Mrs. Bridget the cook had packed for her. She got it out and they both ate it all up. After that, it was dark so they both fell asleep in the train car.
Chapter 8
In the beginning of chapter 8, Stewpot and Frankie go swimming in a small pond before heading to a jungle. After their quick swim, they got on the road towards the jungle. When they got there, to Frankie's surprise, there were 2 girls! Stewpot and Frankie were hungry, so they set out to get food.
Chapter 9
After meeting the other hobo's in the camp, they set out to find a job in return for some food. They ended up stumbling upon an old farm with a nice old woman out front working. The two asked if they could help her in return for some food, and she gladly replied yes. After picking some crops, they received their food and began the journey back.
Chapter 10 and 11
Chapter 12-13
Chapter 14-16
Chapter 17-19
Chapter 20-23
Chapter 24-26
After they got back they put all of the food on the pot and got cooking. Meanwhile they talked about how life was other places. When the food was finally done they sat around the fire and ate. When all the food was gone they asked Frankie to play a song on her harmonica, so she did. They all fell asleep to that sound. The next morning Frankie got up and realized her bag was missing. She eventually found it but her sewing kit was missing! Peg Leg Al told her Red and his bunch stole it when they left earlier. Frankie and Stewpot got on the road into town.
When Frankie and Stew pot go into town the stop first at a bakery to get some day old doughnuts. Then they go to a meat store but the owner yells at them to get out. Stewpot says that before they leave there going to need a knife so they bargain with the pawn store owner to get a $2.00 knife for 25 cents! Stewpot then heads towards a Tobacco store to get cigar boxes to sell. After that they go to the train station and hop the train. When their on board they realize they scored by landing in a car full of oranges! The rest of the way they talked about life so far.

In the beginning of chapter 14 Frankie and Stewpot pass time by talking, eating, whittling, and reading. Frankie pulls out Huckleberry Finn and asks Stewpot if he wants to read it but he turns her down. Frankie then senses that Stewpot actually doesn't know how to read. She offers to teach Stewpot but he also turns that down. Stewpot ends up teaching Frankie how to whittle until the point they fall asleep. When they wake up they have to jump off the train in a hurry because they almost missed there stop. When they get there they decided to go find a place to eat at. A nice lady takes them in and feeds them. She even let them taker a bath! When they eat they talk about how hard it is out there and what they will do next.
In chapter 17 Frankie and Stewpot are aboard a train and Frankie can sense Stewpot is becoming suspicious of Frankie's gender. She decides to come clean and tell him. When she breaks the news Stewpot is not shocked at all, which surprised her. He said that he knew she was a girl this whole time becuase of the things she said and the way she acted. With that behind them, they moved on with their journey. When they finally jumped off the train a railroad cop arrested all of the hobos including Stewpot and Frankie. He took them back to the jail, made them take a bath, and fed them all rock hard bread. He then sent them back out to the train yard to catch the next train out. Frankie and Stewpot were very hungry and mad they did not get any good food.
In chapters 20 to 23 Frankie and Stewpot run and hop onto a train with a bunch of food they got from their previous stop in the last town. They both talk about stuff so far, and say what they think the mountains will look like. They also eat their large proportions of food, read, and whittle some more. Stewpot shows Frankie how he can make a wooden doll from a stick. Both Frankie and Stewpot realize that he is not doing so well. He says he has a small cold but it doesn't seem small to Frankie, even though she decides not to tell him this. She tries to give Stewpot some of her money to spend if they ever get separated, but he declines and says she needs it more.
In the last few chapters Stepots cold is getting worse and his body is deteriorating rapidly and he is not able to do much any more. All Stewpot does is look out at the snow filled Rocky Mountains. When they get to the next town, Frankie see's Stewpot is so bad that they need to get off. Frankie had to jump of of a fast moving train with Stewpot in her hands. When she hit the ground, she hurt herself but got right back up and rushed him to a nearby Hooverville. There, she set him down and yelled for help, but everybody ignored her, until a nice man took them both to his shack where Stewpot died. Frankie tried saving him by gettin a doctor, but he didn't think she had money so he pushed her out. Frankie buried Stewpot at the basin of the mountain. She then spent all her money on a train ticket to Chicago, where she walked to her aunts house. But before entering she saw 3 scratches, which meant this was a safe place for hobos.
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