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Communication Inventions of the Industrial Revolution.

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McKensey Allen

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Communication Inventions of the Industrial Revolution.

In 1837, invented by Samuel Morse came the Electrical Telegraph. With this device he sent the first public message in 1844.
The first type writer
The First Typewriter.
An old newspaper ad.
The Newspaper
Improved typewriter.
The Improved typewriter.
The modern typewriter.
The Improved Typewriter.
By: Casey Peters,
McKensey Allen.

comunication contenued
Someone Screaming.
The quickest way to spread information in the 1800's was mostly just "word of mouth".

For example, if a family member died in Boston Massachusetts and you needed to inform someone in Hollywood California about it, then it would take probably years and years for word to show unless you sent a letter. Which actually may take longer...
The first trains
Communication Inventions of the Industrial Revolution.
The First Telegraph.
The typewriter.
The First Electrical Communication Device.
In 1829, the type writer was invented by W.S Burt on the 4th of April. It was the most important device of its days.
The improved typewriter was made on the 4th of April in 1867. Christopher Scholes invented it in 1867. Even though it is improved from the last, it still has similar functions.
Communication was very slow in the 1800s. Most mail was stolen, or lost. It took over a month to get to the destination.
The Newspaper was an easy way to get information across the town and to advertise sales and businesses.
The rocket
The top speed of the rocket was 8 mph. Now our trains can reach over 300 mph. The rocket was made in 1829 by George Stephenson.
The First Telephone.

The First telephone was Invented on March 10th of 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.
The first sentence said over the first telephone was, "Mr.Watson-come here-I want to see you.
say that you are a person, and you want to talk/text to a friend. But, you live hundreds of miles away. you have to send a letter. most mail was stolen durring this time, so reciving a letter was hard to do. So your friend never recives the letter and you have on e less friend.
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