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Madison Cormier

No description

Susan Baker

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Madison Cormier

Madison Cormier
The Dinka Tribe
Foods that are enjoyed in the Dinka Tribe
In the tribe most Dinka eat
Sorghum Porridge everyday.
They also enjoy foods like fish, cow milk, beans, tomatoes, rice, and a variety of meats .
The Dinka tribe is located in Southern Sudan
The government in Northern Sudan decided that everyone were to be the same religion. But southern Sudan wanted to keep theirs, which caused a war.
Some Dinka women wear tops (not shirts, it is a certain type of fancy clothing) now they are only used for special occasions. Dinka people also wear Hijabs.

As an initiation into adulthood some sections of the Dinka tribe scarify their faces.
A normal house is a relatively small, one story, building. There aren't any windows, and they are typically circular. They are made of mud, or wood.
The flag is black for the color of the African peoples skin, the white represents peace, red is for the blood of the fighters who lost their lives, green is for their agriculture, blue is for the Nile river, and the star stands for the unity of the states of Southern Sudan.
Cows are a big part of the Dinka Culture. They see them as the highest form of wealth. The war sadly took their cows away.
The Dinka danced and sang about the cattle.
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