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Persuasive speech structure

No description

Sarah Ellis

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Persuasive speech structure

Persuasive speech structure
Summarise the main reasons you have given for your opinion

Explain why the reader/audience should also believe your opinion

Finish with a sentence that your audience will remember
Paragraph 3
This needs to cover your third reason.

This needs to be the most powerful and really sell your argument.

You want to make the reader feel involved in what you are trying to say.
Hook - needs to be engaging, interesting and grab the audience's attention
Introduce what your opinion is and briefly refer to the reasons.
Body paragraph 1
Focus on your strongest argument

Explain your reasoning behind this argument

You may decide to keep this as mainly sounding factual to show you have knowledge
Body paragraph 2
This should explain in detail the second reason why you believe in your opinion.

Try to refer to the human side of people and play with their emotions in this paragraph
- Purpose: identify the text type you have selected and why

- Audience: Who is the audience you are writing for? Where will this speech be delivered and why to?

- Decisions made: What language/stylistic devices did you choose to use? Identify at least 2 examples.
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