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A Bowyer...

No description

Jaci Howard

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of A Bowyer...

Official Weapon
Thank you!
A Bowyer...

What is a bowyer you say? Well... you could probably guess, because of the key word, bow, but just in case you couldn't guess that... A bowyer is a merchant who crafted bows, arrows, crossbows, and bolts. Yet, that is not all the information you need to know, so come with me and we'll learn.
The standard bows' effectiveness in combat was first recognized by the Barbarian Armies of Eastern Europe around 1070. Yet the bow hadn't officially became a weapon until October 4, 1189, at the Battle of Acre. That's where the bowmen and archers proved that the quality of the bow was made to be a weapon.
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