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Uso de Novas Tecnologias no Ensino da Língua Inglesa II Professora: Cíntia Rabello

Edmodo as a tool to engage students in an activity using music.

Fernanda Fernandes

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Uso de Novas Tecnologias no Ensino da Língua Inglesa II Professora: Cíntia Rabello

Students from 13 to 15 working on listening and acquiring new vocabulary through Edmodo. First step: Create a group on Why Edmodo??? Because it`s a tool where you can create, share and get feedback from students Choose five songs according to their level and ask them to go to Edmodo and vote the one they like the most! This part of the activity they do at home... ... And after that, at school, the teacher tells the students the two songs that got more votes Don`t forget to invite the students to participate... =) What`s next? The class is going to be devided into two groups... Ask them, at home, to search the songs on vagalume.com And learn both lyrics The teacher will need two computers and headphones... And one student will be choose from each group to access And a fight is going to start... The students will listen to the same songs, and the one who finishes filling the gaps first give glory to their group! Each student will make a short story using Telling what they understood about their songs and show to the teacher to make the corrections. And Then share their work on Edmodo. Through this activity the teacher will work on vocabulary, listening having them preparing the song at home, practicing in class what they`ve learned and producing a text which also allows us to check their reading. Fernanda Bellucci
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