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Water pollutants

Miriam Negrete

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Phosphate

-3 4 Phosphate is a major source of
pollution in lakes and streams.
However many people mistake
the thought that phosphate
pollution comes from fertislizers. True Sources:
When fertilizer is over-spread or spilled
on hard surfaces, that's when the phosphate washes with rain through the strom drains into lakes and rivers.
Another source of phosphate
pollution is soil erosion caused
by water, wind, or construction
sites of sparsely vegetated grounds.
Which moves the soil, taking the
soil-bound phosphate with it. DANGERS:
Too much phosphate causes a strong
growth of green algae. These algae produce natural toxins that can me deadly to domestic animals who drink them. An example
of a major concentration of algae is The Gulf of Mexico.

This is considered the Dead Zone , which is where
all the accumulated phosphate built up so much algae
around that area. When the algae dies it sinks to the bottom while at the same time eating up all the oxygen in the water allowing no fish or plants to survive in this Zone. You measure the phosphate levels in water by adding a sample of water to the device. The device then measures it and tells you the phosphate level in the water. -3 4 Removal:
Done by chemical precipitation where chemicals are added to form particles, which settle and can then be removed.
A poly filter can also be used to remove phosphate from aquariums.
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