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Applying to W&L

De-mystifying the application process at Washington and Lee University

Jonathan Webster

on 30 July 2010

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Transcript of Applying to W&L

Demystifying the application process Washington and Lee University accepts applications submitted via its own application, and via The Common Application

Both the Washington and Lee application and The Common App application may be submitted online, or in paper form Background Pick Only One Method to Apply! Submit your materials using the W&L application or The Common App application, but don't submit materials using both. Receiving application materials from different sources makes it more difficult for our office to process your application, and harder to match materials to your application file. First-Year Applicants Transfer Applicants International Applicants Home-Schooled Applicants A complete application contains:
W&L Application Part 1, or The Common App
W&L Application Part 2, or The Common App Supplement
An official copy of your high school transcript
Official score reports from the SAT I
(W&L's SAT code is: 5887 or ACT: 4430)
Two SAT Subject Exams - (Unrelated areas)
Two Teacher recommendations
One Guidance Counselor recommendation A complete Transfer Application contains:
Common Application for Transfer Admission
W&L Transfer Student Supplement to the Common App
Official Standardized Test Scores (ACT or SAT-I)
Official High School Transcript
Official College Transcript
Two College Professor Recommendations
School Official's Report Form A complete International Application contains:
Completed application (the Common Application with W&L's Supplement or the W&L Application)
2 Teacher Recommendations
School Counselor Recommendation
Official High School Transcript with English translation
Official score reports from the SAT (5887), the ACT (4430), TOEFL, or the IELTS.
SAT-II subject tests are NOT required for international students living outside the U.S. A complete Application for a Home-Schooled student contains:
Results from five SAT Subject Tests, preferably mathematics, history, science, foreign language and literature
A detailed description of your curriculum, including a list of texts utilized
A listing of all institutions attended
An interview either on-campus in the Office of Admission or off-campus through our Alumni Admissions Program
If available, two teacher recommendations from teachers other than family members
(i.e. community college professor, summer program instructor, etc.)
Please feel free to include any other recommendations in addition to those mentioned above, including letters from coaches, employers, religious advisers, etc
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