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No description

Skyler Wu

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of I AM SKYLER

I have known most of my friends for at least 3 years. As an individual who values everyone equally, I do not have a "best friend", but rather a group of very close friends. I met some of my closest friends at After School Learning, an after-school day care program for students whose parents worked full-time jobs during first grade. One of these friends is A1, Andrew Wang. Over the years, especially during my elementary school education at Stone Ranch, I have accumulated a very close-knit group of friends (e.g Chan, Andrew Lim). At Oak Valley, I have met many new friends (e.g. Ken). As an individual shooting for success, I cannot be more thankful for what my friends have done for me over so many years and so many eras. When I am dejected or defeated they will always provide support, and when they're feeling blue, I will be there for them.
My immediate family consists of solely my mother, my father, and me. My family's uniqueness lies in the fact that my father works in China to support the family due to limited job opportunities in the United States. He went back to China when I was just 11 months, bringing me along so I could be taken care of by my grandparents for the first 4 years.. This way, my mother could have less pressure to deal with her PhD chemist job. Whenever he has saved up enough vacation days, he will fly over to the US to visit us. During the summer, my mother and I also fly to China to visit him and our extended family. My mother and I, along with my father, are the only members of my extended family who have left China. All of my other relatives such as my grandparents, cousins, etc. reside in China. My family has been one of the paramount factors that have formed me into the individual I am and the personality I possess today. All of my relatives treat me with the utmost gentleness due to the fact that I'm the youngest in my extended family, and 2nd place is 7 years older than me. The encouragement my family bestows upon me has helped propel me to who I am today.
1. Origami
I have always been intrigued by how a trivial sheet of printer paper can be manipulated into a beautiful work of art. In third and fourth grade, my friends and I created an origami club in our class, much to the teacher's ambivalence. We created origami birds, spike balls, shinobe cubes, and many other creations.
2. Android
As a rather "curious" child, I have always wondered how computers worked. Why is it that when I press the magical power button, the screen lights up, and how do people transfer media on the internet and locally. Therefore, as a relatively mature teenager, I have begun tinkering with many of my parent's old, retired electronics--flashing new operating systems on them, and using them as security cameras, etc. I believe that extensive knowledge of technology will soon be equivalent in importance to basic skills such as arithmetic and language arts.

As a very ambitious individual, I have surprisingly learned that perfection is not the panacea to a better society. Nonetheless, I still have high goals for myself. I dream to major in law while simultaneously achieving a degree in some sort of mathematics. 5 years later, I hope to see myself in Stanford, Yale, Columbia, or Princeton University. My dream school would be Stanford, so I can still visit my parents on a fairly regular basis. After graduation, I plan to work as a defense lawyer, helping to revolutionize and streamline the United States legal system one step at a time. I am not hedonistic and do not put money as an important goal. As long as I can live everyday to the fullest while making my contributions to society, I will be a fully satisfied man. In terms of short term goals, I desire to continue my studies to best of my abilities and to sharpen the skills needed for my future.
Ever since I was in kindergarten, I have been practicing and competing Tae Kwon Do, the Korean Martial Art. I have stayed with my coach ever since my introduction to the sport. Persevering through all of the belt ranks, I have garnered both technical aptitude and physical power. Tae Kwon Do has greatly enhanced my physical well-being. I have competed in numerous competitions, and my favorite event is sparring, or controlled, yet full contact fighting. The purpose of Tae Kwon Do is definitely not to build up the capability to destroy others, but to build up agility and self protection. Sparring helps understand distance control and give me assurance that the techniques I painstakingly master are effective. Today, I am a 2nd degree black belt, certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, or WTF--the organization that presides over the Olympic event of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do has helped build my physical body into an entity that can endure the endless path that lies ahead of me.
*used with permission of course

Thank You For Watching!
2015 Spring: First Vacation I took with my whole family; Northern California
My father has been flying MU583 ever since I was 11 months old. This is an actual image of the plane he was on.
My Grandparents took care of me in China for approx. 4 years. I visit them every summer. 2010 China Expo
A photo of my cousin, who is now in college, and a 2 year old me
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