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Famoso Arte

No description

Carly Gilstrap

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Famoso Arte

-he was born on May 11, 1904
-his hometown is Figueres
-had a brother who was 9 months older than him but his brother died at an early age
-his mother died of breast cancer in 1921
-kicked out of school for starting a riot over professorship
-Gala and Dali were married from 1934-1983
-he was a part of the surrealist movement
-contributed to the surrealist movement because of the paranoiac critical method
-he died on January 23, 1989 in Figueres Salvador Dali Frida Kahla Self Portrait on the border line Diego Rivera -name means flower merchant
-they are carrying bundles of flowers
-they are peasents, Diego painted them alot because that was reality
-the lady is showing the dignity of laber
-their lives were filled with beauty because of the nature that was always around them El mercado de Flores Glorious Victory -the subject is the CIA coup overthrew Guatemala's democracy elected government
-the bomb had the smiling face of the US
-CIA directpr John Foster Delles is shaking hand with the leader of the coup d'etat colenel castillo armas
-their is a man with a bunch of money
-their are people rebelling off to the side
-their are people locked in a building (factory) in the background
-theirs dead people all over the ground Famoso Arte by: Carly Gilstrap Galatea of Spheres -a mystical painting of Galatea
-uses cubism with all of the spheres
-looks like their is a sunset in the background
-some of the spheres are moving in different directions
-he might have used the spheres like that to represent the way he felt
-he felt like forces were pushing him in different ways
- imagine being turned into many atoms Tiger in cubes -many different things are shown
-the main image is a tiger
-the outline of a man is in the tigers mouth
-their is a cat under each eye of the tiger
-their is something different in each square
-it uses surrealism and cubism
-it is very confusing and odd Pablo Picasso -born on October 25, 1881
-his first word was piz piz which is spanish for pencil
-he loved it when he was sent to the "cells" at school because he could draw non-stop there
-by the time he was 13 his paintings were better executed than his fathers
-after the bombing of Guernica he was depressed
-the first period he went through was his blue one
-after WWII he joined the communist party and was honored twice with the International Lenin Peace Prize
-he died on April 8, 1973 Mother and Child Acrobatand Young Herlequin -a mother is holding her baby
-it is depressing and they look very poor
-their are no shoes and they are outside
-they also are only covered in a blanket and nothing else
-painted during the blue period
-the blue period lasted from 1901-1904
-it proves how depressed Picasso always was -it shows two clowns
-at this time clowns were outcast so it was weird for them to be painted
-clowns were rejected but Picasso painted them because they were colorful
-this was during the rose period
-the rose period lasted form 1904-1906
-the rose period was more colorful and alive than the blue period was -born on July 6, 1907
-born in Coyoacan, Mexico
-she told people she was born in 1910 so that people would connect her with the war
-she went through a lot of pain especially after she was in a bus accident
-after the accident Frida said "I paint myself because I am often alone and I am the subject I know best."
-out of her 143 paintings, 55 are self portraits
-she also said "I never painted dreams I painted reality".
-she married Diego Rivera
-they had a very distraught marraige
-they cheated on each other and at one point they divorced then got back together
-she died on July 13, 1954 -she is in an elegant pink dress
-border line of Mexico and US
-The US side is dead and technology
-the mexican side is full of nature and life
- the generator could represent slaves in Mexico making things for the US
-the US flag is in the smoke from a factory and Frida is holding the Mexican flag showing her loyalty Frida and Diego Portrait -painted two years after marriage in San Francisco
-Frida looks small next to her husband
-Frida gave the painting to art collecter Albert Bender in gratitude for the US entry he helped get for Diego
-in the painting Frida used the German spelling for her name
-Rivera is portrayed as an artist
-Frida presents herself as an adoring wife
-The difference in them is not exaggerated in this painting -born on December 8, 1886
-born in Guanajuanto, Mexico
-began drawing as a kid, studied at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts as a teen
-some paintings are inspired by the Mexican and Russian Revolutions
-met Frida in 1928 and they married a year later
-His trip to USSR in 1927-1928 brought him in contact with many young Russian artist
-Rivera always said "my art, my life"
-he was devastated when Frida died
-he got remarried
-he died on November24. 1957
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