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The dust bowl

No description

Allstars 2014-2015

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of The dust bowl

The dust bowl
The Start of the dust bowl
At the start of the Dust Bowl, most of the land was still green, and had actual soil. A terrible drought started, and it made the crops all die. In the plain areas, dust blew freely throughout the flat land. Then it turned into dust. Some of the dust storms were called Black Blizzards.
life with the dust bowl
Life was not easy in the Dust Bowl. The damage affected 100,000,000 acres of land. Many families were forced to move. People used damp towels, and dust masks to try to prevent dust getting in their mouths. Lots of people were killed by choking on dust. This kind of matter was serious. Even if every crack in the house was sealed, dust would still manage to get in. Many children and parent often went hungry because there was very little food to eat.
Grass Hoppers And jackrabbits
The Grasshoppers and jackrabbits consumed any of the grass and water they could find.
They also ate some of the farmers plants, so it was harder to eat food.
Some states hunted the rabbits as meat to survive.
People also killed the many of the rabbits in one trip, which was called a "drive"
The rabbits were important, because they were a main source of food
After the dust bowl
John Steinbeck's novels "The Grapes Of Wrath" and "Of Men and Mice" were both influenced by the dust bowl.
The damage had affected 1,000,000 acres of land.
Not many families still lived in their houses.
The towns populations decreased by thousands.
Few people survived the Dust Bowl.
Fun Facts
Some people had taken samples of soil, but they actually got a foot of dust.
Some dust had gotten all the way from the western/southern states all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.
A news reporter gave the Dust Bowl its name.
Lots of people got jobs to take pictures and write about the dust bowl.
The time of the Dust Bowl is also known as the Dirty Thirties.
The massive storms generated electricity and it made a crackling noise.
The storms made 10s of 1000s of people leave their homes.
by: Sloan handley
and brennan kell

what the government did
The government helped it by buying farm helpers that decreased the dust flow by 65%
They gave some of the starving people canned food.
They created a program that helped tell people to preserve soil.
He made an organization that planted about 200 million trees
Over 75% of topsoil was blown away at the end of the dirty thirties.
When some scientists were studying soil, just got a foot of dust in their tool.
The dust bowl was partly started by farmers not switching crops and ruining the soil.
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