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Historical Love Game

No description

Sammi Scobie

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Historical Love Game

Historical Love Game Homo Habilis Edition
Homo Habilis nick name(Bill)
If you like a handy man Bill is the man for you. His name actually means handy man in Latin. Is Biped and walks on two legs, and is able to go on those long romantic walks on the beach. If you one of those rebel girls and like older men Bill is the dude for you, he lived about 2.4 million years ago.
Brain Size
You don't have to worry about being outsmarted, Bill has half the brain size as the modern human 47% to be exact.
From The Neck Up
Bill is a looker with a vertical forehead and weaker brow rides. Don;t like guys with big faces or jaws? Not a problem, Bill has a smaller face and jaw then most.
The Handy Man
Like a man thats handy and good with tools? Bill is very handy and used crude stone tools. He uses these tools to smash open animal bones to extract the bone marrow.
Why He's The Dude for YOu
You might be asking yourself, why pick Bill? Who wouldn't? He is a short handsome man that is very handy around the house, scavenges food for the family. He can walk on two feet, BONUS. Now you can go on those romantic dates. He has a strong jaw that doesn't get tiered, more time for talking about your feelings of love for each other. He's your dream guy in reality.
Height a Problem?
Are you short? Don't like men taller than you?No worries, Bill is your dude for you he can only get as tall as 4ft 5in but is 3ft 4in.
Don't worry about what to cook, Bill eats a broad range of food due to his strong jaw and small thick teeth, he'll eat anything from leaves, woody plants, to dried meat.
If you don't like seeing your boyfriend often then this dudes for you. You might need to have a long distance relationship because he is native to Eastern and southern Africa.
The Scavenger
Don't like men that hunt? No worries, Bill is a scavenger and because he can't make fire he can't eat meat often and has a omnivorous diet.
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