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Fantasy Football Chalkboard

No description

Chris Monk

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Fantasy Football Chalkboard

Fantasy Football Chalkboard
Successful season in Fantasy Football
Should be able to Understand and Play Fantasy Football with a .500+ record
Depth vs Quality
Draft Order
Roster Space
Focus Area
Waiver Wire
Free Agents
Standard League Example
1/25 for every yard gained through a pass thrown
-2 for an interception thrown
The rest of the offense(QB, RB, WR, TE)
1/10 for every rushing(running) yard
1/10 for every reception(catching) yard
6 for all touchdowns
2 for successful 2-point conversion
-2 for turnovers (fumbles)
1 for every PAT
3-5 for every feild goal depending on distance
Points Allowed
Skill plays
10 for 0 points allowed
7 for 1-6 points allowed
4 for 7-13 points allowed
1 for 14-20 points allowed
0 for 21-27 points allowed
-1 for 28-34 points allowed
-4 for 35+ points allowed
6 for any touchdown
2 for a fumble rcovery
2 for an interception
2 for a safety
1 for every sack
6 for <100 yards allowed
**PPR Leagues add incentive to WRs and TEs
by giving 1 Point Per Reception(PPR)
*Many Leagues give return yards as well
QB- Quarterback
RB- Runningback
WR- Wide Receiver
TE- Tight-End
K- Kicker
DST- Defense/Special Teams
Draft Order
Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top
Players you keep from previous year
Depth vs Skill
2 decent RBs or 1 Great RB?
needs to be done before draft
Roster Space
Roster allows 15 players
Lineup includes 9 players-
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (WR/RB), 1 K, 1 DST
The other 6 ride the bench
Focus Area
Area you want to Focus on in the draft for
1- strength of your team and;
2- trade bait
15 Rounds
"Generally" determines Strength of team
1-8 great RB and good WR/QB
9-12 good RB and Great QB/WR
Develop Strategy for high and low draft position
Randomly selected order
Keep a top RB and you Can switch up the standard draft preferences
Typically 3 keepers per fantasy team
QB,K,TE - Always Skill, can only play one,
bye weeks can be accounted for
RB, WR- Depth grants ability to
play matchups
if possible always
the best choice
Bye weeks dont hurt as much
points usually add up the same
1 Frank Gore = 1 Adrian Peterson
1 Matt Forte = 1 Ryan Matthews
Bye weeks will hurt
Injuries can ruin the your season along
with the players
Trades become daunting
Trades are lighter
RG3, Percy Harvin
Aaron Hernandez
Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon
benchwarmers can be any position or team
typically a roster includes 3 RBs, 5 WRs, and
1 to 2 of whatever else
Drafted late and couldn't get a decent RB? Grab a couple
extra WRs than you need to trade for a good RB
Trade Depth to get Strength Vice-versa
time limit to pick
Free Agents and
The Waiver Wire
Free agents-players not currently on a team
when a Free agent is dropped from a team or plays on sunday they go on the waiver wire
waiver position is determined by league standings (inverse)
waiver 1 gets first dibs on any waiver wire player
best way to fill holes in lineup
trades have to be fair you have to be willing to compromise
trades can be veto-ed by the league manager to ensure fairness
trade away strength
if you are weak in one area but stacked in another... trade!
Fair Trade?
Team 1
needs RB
Team 2
P Manning
A Peterson
L McCoy
J Jones (ATL out for season)
M Wallace (Flop)
G Bernard
L Fitzgerald
D Jackson
M Stafford
B Powell
C Johnson
L Fitzgerald
D Jackson
A Johnson
R Wayne
needs WR
willing to give strength?
L McCoy
M Wallace
Determined by Record W-L-T
Divided into 3 divisons each division has independent record
If 2 teams have the same record then standings are determined by total points scored over the season
4 teams move to playoffs
4 teams move to consolation
4 teams just lose...
Division games are the first and last of the schedule
3 within your division, then across the other 2 divisions
and back to your own before the playoffs
Playoffs are weeks 15 and 16 to account for all the starters who take week 17 off.
playoff bracket
First place team
Fourth place team
Second place team
Third place team
Does not matter who you play. Only matters HOW you play.
Football Fans?
Favorite Player?
Superbowl Pick?
Nick Foles vs GB pass defense
San Diego vs Denver?
O/U 20 Sea vs TB ?
Who is having a worse year Rothilsburger(2-7) or Brady(7-2)?
most impotant part of fantasy "set you lineup"
Always Start your big names they are famous for a reason
Look for mis-matches, example: Denver vs Jacksonville week 6
starts for Denver
Manning, Thomas, Welker, Moreno, Thomas
Decker and Hillman if you have nobody else
starts for JAx
Henne, Blackmon, Shorts
Why? Denver will be scoring, Jax has to throw to try and keep up
and who has Denver been able to stop passing yet?
Make sure your players are healthy
player matchups play a large role in who to play as well, example: Megatron vs Joe Haden, injured reciever vs shutdown corner -week 6
Team match ups help decide who to play, example: SF vs ARI -week 6
Frank Gore may not be the best play against the best run defense in the league
but at the same time he might get more touches while SF tries to run the clock out
League Commissioner Dictates Scoring Rules
*Some leagues draft EVERY position
200/308, 2330yds, 12TD/9INT
194/340, 2256yds, 13TD/6INT
Your Team
Gore: 10.1 pts Megatron: 2.5 pts
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