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peter godoy

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of summary

Language form and Function
Chapter 1 Summary

1. The nature of human language.

Core beliefs:
it is believed that there is an inevitable connection between a word and what it represents: avoid explicitly naming taboo certain objects because doing so might invoke the named object.
Chapter 2 Summary

Linguistic signs:
involving signs sequences that represent concrete objects and events and abstractions

that point or have a necessary connection with the things they represent the moment of speech, respectively.

most language is conventional only in relation to what they represent (as do, for example, a flag of a nation, a rose for love a double wedding ring).
Chapter 3 Summary

Linguistics and of Components of Language
(Language universals, nativism and creativity)

A more general set of language is called linguistic universals are language features that are not language-specific that is found in all languages of the world.
Peter Godoy Landazuri

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