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Unit 2 Lesson 11

No description

erika steinger

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2 Lesson 11

Unit 2 Lesson 11
Almost always a noun

1. Something brought about by a cause.
Getting grounded was the effect of his missing curfew.

2. Power to influence or produce an outcome.
The effects of the advil should be felt within 20 minutes.

3. A scientific law, hypothesis, or phenomenon.
The Greenhouse Effect is the rise in temperature that the Earth experiences as a result of natural gases.
Always a verb

1. To have an influence on
Your participation affects your overall grade.

2. To respond to the emotions of
He refused to let his girlfriend's attitude affect him.

3. To attack or infect, as in a disease
High cholesterol can affect the heart.
Lie means "to rest" OR "to mislead"
I lie down on the couch after work.
I lie to my parents when I don't do well on a test.
Do Now
Write the word of the day in your dictionary

Respond to the following question in your binder.
A New Jersey toll collector is suing her company after being told that she may not say "God bless you" to customers as they are driving through. Do you think this is fair? Explain why or why not. How does this relate back to culture?
Monday, October 6
Lay means "to put" and always takes on a direct object
I lay the baby down in the crib
I lay my clothes gently in the suitcase
Present Tense
Past Tense Past Participle Present Partciple
Lie Lied Have lied Is lying

Lay Laid Have laid Is laying

Lie Lay Have lain Is lying
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