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Freeway Cap Park

No description

Jin Mitchem

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Freeway Cap Park

Civic Engagement &
Freeway Cap Parks So, what is a freeway cap park? The cap idea involves covering parts of a freeway with a “planted concrete lid.” The freeway cap parks are designed to reconnect neighborhoods cut off by freeways and create green community spaces through the city. Downtown Los Angeles Median Household Income $31,679 No funding currently for the project, not even a website Most people work, but don't live in Downtown Freeway separates Civic Center and Concert halls from Union Station and Chinatown Hollywood Average Household Income $124,268 More residents live and work within city Official website is up, conducted feasibility study, held community-wide and CalTrans integrated meetings, began EIR, actively seeking funding No major buildings or city centers adjacent to building. Freeway is just as obstructive as anywhere else in LA. Benefits of Parks Encourages Exercise
Provides Recreation
Increases Property Values
Aesthetically Pleasing
Escape from City-life
Social Benefits
Child Development
Promotes Creativity
Ecological Conservation

Unfortunately, not
every city has a park
planned in the
development of
their city. What does it take
for these a park
proposal to become a reality? It Takes Civic Engagement Supporting factors include:

economic resources
social and cultural heterogeneity
fulfillment of individual and collective responsibility.
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