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Transcendentalism in Disney

Six basic principles of Transcendentalism identified in Disney animated films.

Katie Hansen

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Transcendentalism in Disney

Transcendentalism in Disney
Free Thought
Rafiki from The Lion King is an example free thought because he takes the time to think and meditate privately to find truth rather than relying to his superiors for answers. Transcendentalists such as Emerson and Thoreau approve.
Pocahontas is an example of the importance of nature, especially with her thematic song, "Colors of the Wind." She advocates to the white settlers the importance of understanding nature, which can bring individual peace. Transcendentalists would agree with her.

Tiana from the film The Princess and the Frog is an example of self-reliance. She works diligently to make her own dreams happen, such as opening her own restaurant. Transcendentalists would approve, but would also encourage her to be self-reliant on her spiritual beliefs.
Flik from A Bug's Life is like the Steve Jobs of ants. He doesn't follow the expectations or social norms of the ant community, which make him a misfit. However, Transcendentalists would approve because his individuality leads to his success and helpfulness to others.
Princess Merida from Brave is an example of Transcendentalism self-confidence. She believes in who she is and stands up for herself, which leads to a positive social change in her kingdom. Approved by Transcendentalists.
Simplicity in Living
Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King choose to live a simple life, as described in their musical sequence, "Hakuna Matata." By living simply, these two can learn what's important in life, such as friendship. Thoreau would approve.
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