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Nowhere to Call Home By: Alyssa Bobsin

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call Home By: Alyssa Bobsin

Chapter 1
Frankie the main character has pretty much got what she has wanted her whole life. In this chapter, her world gets turned upside down. Frankie's Father is a rich man and owns a wonderful house with many servants. Going through the Great Depression has run his banking buisness down into the ground and he lost his job. Frankie's Father felt like he had no other resort. Her father had killed himself. Was there any other way? Frankie was left an orphan and penniless.
Chapter 3
Frankie with nowhere to go but to her aunts has become interested in hoboing. Junius has decided that he is going to ride rails as his new life. Mrs Bailey is upset about Frankie fondness over becoming a hobo, "becoming a hobo is no place for a lady." Frankie doesn't agree with her.
Chapter 4
Frankie, already with the thought of ditching to live her aunt has decided that she wants to become a hobo with Junius. Junius had denied her request. The best thing for Frankie was to be on her feet and living life with her aunt. Going to her aunts worries her and that's not the route she intended to take.
Chapter 5
Getting to the train station with money and a train ticket in her hand was not enough. She got off the train in a hurry and traded it in? What was Frankie thinking? She has been brave enough to ditch going to Chicago but will she follow through and become a hobo?
Chapter 6
Frankie knew that riding the rails as a women would lead to disadvantages and she was alone. She bought some new clothes(boys) with the train ticket money and cut her hair to really fool the other hobo's to think she was a man. What is her next step and where will she go from there?
Chapter 2
Frankie's father left her with no house, barely any money, and having to sell many of her belongings, now being forced to live with Aunt Bushnell. The servants aren't any better off. That was there house, that was there job and now they have to make it out all on there own running to the only thing they have left; riding the rails. Junius, Frankie's friend has decided to hop the freight and become a hobo. This whole new side that Frankie has no knowledge or experience with has become interested. What will be her next step in this new life of hers?
Nowhere to Call Home
Chapter 7
Frankie gets the courage to actually catch a train and meets a new friend. She had never mentioned any friends other than Junius so she has needed that one person to really guide her this experience. The boy she meet was named Stewpot. Hobo's are really into nick names and he even gave her one. Frankie is now referred to as "Frankie Blue."
Chapter 8-9
Frankie and Stewpot have got off the train in Pittsburgh and set up in a jungle. They were not alone. They meet up with some hobos named Vera,Blink,Omaha Red, Peg Leg,Tex,Happy Joe, and Dot. In chapter 9, it was Frankie's first experience with working for food as a hobo, her first meal. Frankie had met up with some girls for the first time and now she is rethinking about telling Stewpot she is a girl and not a boy.
Chapters 11 & 10
Frankie had woke up the next day and realized her bag had been misplaced. Looking all over the jungle they found it deep in a bush open and all her valuables had been stolen. Being a girl she had a mirror, brush, sewing box and Stewpot was questioning why a boy would have those items and suspected she had stole them.
Chapters 14-15
Chapters 12 & 13
In chapter 12 Frankie and Stewpot are in Pittsburg and this is where Stew tries to teach Frankie some important hobo skills. He tells Frankie that all "boes" need a knife and trains her on how to bargain even if you have the money. Frankie revels that she has a lot of money with her to Stew. In chapter 13 Frankie had hopped her first train with Stew.
On the train Stew shows Frankie his boxes that he has carved and Frankie wants to learn how. Not having anything to do Frankie read aloud to Stew and was suspicious when he refused to read. Frankie and Stew got to know each other on the ride to Cincinnati. Stew had left his home because his father has beaten him.
Chapter 16
Starting out the chapter Frankie and Stew jumped off a moving train for the first time together. On this journey, Stew has taught Frankie so much on how to be a boe, how to blend in. They saw a caricature of a cat carved into a tree outside a ladys house symbolizing that the lady was nice and welcoming. They were offered to clear the snow out of the driveway for a sit down meal!
Chapters 17-19
Chapters 20-24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Frankie revels to Stewpot that she is a girl. On the train in St Louis they shared there real names to each other, Francis and James. Getting off the train Frankie and Stew get caught by the bulls. The criminals are treated better in a jail then hobos. After spending one night in jail they decided going to the mission would be the best for them to get back into normal routine. Frankie flirted with Stew. Will she develop a crush on him. Continuing on this journey Stews sickness is gotten worse.
Having Frankie witness her friends death was not easy. She had buried him at Hooverville with no information to contact family to at least tell them where there son was buried. Frankie with no where to call home has decided to put her her old clothes on and get a train ticket back home. Frankie had just enough to cover the ride.
Frankie gets off the train and decides to walk to her aunts a far ways to think about what she is going to say. Approaching her aunts house she notices a cat picture carved into a tree in the front of the house. This picture has helped ease the blow on knowing that her aunt was nice to the hobos who had stopped by. Frankie steps one step closer and opens the door. We can only imagine what would happen next.
Stew thinking ahead has decided he wants to see the Rocky before going to Frankie's aunts house in Chicago. Frankie spent her money on food, blankets, and two bottles of medicine for the trip for Stewpot. Going up to the Rockies made Stews condition even worse with the cold weather. Hooverville was the only place for them to go. Stew is diagnosed with pneumonia. Frankie pays for a cab to take Stew to the hospital but he dies right before.
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