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Gothic Architecture: Aretha Vinson & Mary Ann van Bodegraven

No description

MA Arch

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Gothic Architecture: Aretha Vinson & Mary Ann van Bodegraven

That the decorative elements of Christian Gothic churches (statues, stained glass windows, etc.) enhanced the architecture of their buildings.

AFFIRMATIVE: Aretha Vinson
NEGATIVE: Mary Ann van Bodegraven
BAS 220 Assessment 1 Debate ~
The Decoration of Gothic Churches:
Enhanced or Detracted?

That decorations actually
from both the architectural and religious impact of these structures
Three ways to demonstrate this:
1. Referencing the exterior form and key elements of Gothic architecture
2. Considering the stripped Gothic churches of Calvinist Holland in the 16th & 17th Centuries
3. Examining the aesthetic and spiritual qualities of ruined Gothic churches
The Iconic Exterior View and Key Features of Gothic Churches
The Aesthetic and Spiritual Qualities of Stripped Calvinistic Gothic Churches
Contemplating the Form and Function of Ruined Gothic Churches
Reims Cathedral Flying Buttresses (Honnecourt 1230; Unknown n.d.)
Images of the
('statue storm') destruction.
Left: Frans Hogenberg,
The Iconoclasm
Right: Dirck van Delen,
The Beeldenstorm in a Church
Paintings of interior of St Laurent’s Church, Rotterdam, by Anthonie de Lorme and Cornelis de Man (upper right).
I called to the Lord from my narrow prison and he answered me in the freedom of space
Ruined church images
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