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Child Brides

No description

Katrina Van Tassel

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Child Brides

Child Brides in Rajasthan
Statistics on Child Brides

46% of girls in India are child brides.
Girls younger than 15 are five times more likely to die in childbirth than women in their 20s.
Girls married before 18 are twice as likely to be beaten by their husbands.
More Facts
Child Brides are illegal in India but it still happens.
Once a girl is married she isn't able to go to school.
Child marriages are usually held at midnight
Atta Satta
Atta Satta is kind of like a plan B for the parents. It is popular in Tonk and Bikaner which are both cities in Rajasthan. Atta Satta is where if the parents of a boy cannot find their son a bride, they trade their daoughter for a girl that will marry the son.
About Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the epicenters in India for child brides.
Rajasthan was once known as Rajputana.
Rajasthan is famous for its festivals, palaces, wildlife.
BBC News
Google maps
Times of India
CBN News
Irish Times
The stories of girls married off as children.
Rajasthan, India
Why do they marry them off so young?
The reasons that these families marry off
their children often vary from traditions, beleif,
religions, or even it's just one less mouth to feed.
What we don't really realize is that these families
make about a dollar a day. These family were most likely vicroms of child brides themselves so they very well could have many children to take
care of and feed. A girl can't to make money for the family so she's just another mouth to feed
she is almost useless to the family so they
get rid of that one exctra mouth by
marrying it off.
Why child marriage?
Child marriage dates all the way back to the tenth century.
The citizens had fear that invading countries would take their daughters if they weren't married
In 1846, the country of India banned child marriage
Women lost their rights and had to obey rules and respect the code of behaviour. Since young women were considered irresponsible and illogical in love, parents married them early before they got caught in disgraceful event.
The age at which the girl was to be married differed and it was rare for girls younger than 12 to be married in ancient times.
Thanks For Watching!!!!!
By: Annie P., Katrina V.T., Paige R.
A Child Bride Story
These are two girls in India that are both child brides. The one in the pink dress is named Tahani was married at the age of 6 to this man who was 25 years old at the time. She said, "Whenever I saw him, I hid. I hated him."
Mamta was just like any other child, until at the age of seven, her parents married her off to a man she had never met. She says that she didn't know what was going on when it was happening. Now she is 12 years old and taken out of school lacking an education. She strongly regrets leaving school, wishing she could move on in her education.
This girl is 14 years old and her name is Asia. She lives in Hajjah, India.
While her 2 year old daughter sits near by. Asia is still ill from her
child birth but doesn't have access to education on how to take
care of herself.
"I wish I could convince all parents who decide to marry their younger daughters off at a very young age to think about their child's future and health"
-Rubina (A Victim Of Child Marriage)
Often times these people who are marrying off the child were often
child brides themselves. The beleive it is also right because they often send the girl to and live with the husbands family because they think
a girl is sort of like clay and that you can shape her to the way the
husband wants her to act. This often involves beating because if
girl does not do what the husband or his family wants her to
it can foten result in punnishment.
" Young girls shouldn't be working, and cleaning, but studying and playing."
What needs to happen?
What needs to happen is India needs more
reinforcement on this problem since there is already
a law that is against the problem. The reason that this is
still happening is because the reinforcement has not cracked down
on this law. Most of the reinforcement has a person in there family
and still believe that it.
Thank You for watching!
Remember, these girls need you!
Our Solution
Morality & Honor
Our Solution is to sell bracelets and lanyards in the colors of

light blue
for education, white for purity, and
for the fun excitement color.
With this money we will donate it to a foundation at educategirls.in that sends child brides to school.
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