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Columbian Exchange-The Banana

No description

Jordan Heise

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Columbian Exchange-The Banana

Columbian Exchange-The Banana
The Banana originated in New Guinea between 8000 BCE and 5000 BCE and then spread throughout SE Asia
The banana then spread throughout Sub-Saharan Africa through their network of trade
The banana spread into African port cities through the Indian Ocean Trade Routes from SE Asia
The scientific name of the banana is Musa Acuminata
Through the Columbian Exchange, bananas traveled from Africa to the New World
The banana spread to three general locations in the New World during the Columbian Exchange- Brazil, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands
The banana flourished and, along with sugar, became one of the major cash crops in the Caribbean islands
The banana was a cash crop in what is now Central America, but did not specifically stand out. Now though, the banana is a major source of income in these countries.
Brazil was one of Portugal's largest colonies, it was also where a majority of the bananas in the new world were being produced. The banana specifically flourished here.
Belize has miles upon miles of banana trees that are a main source of income for them. The bananas travel from Belize into Europe. A majority of Europe's banana imports come from Belize.
Brazil is one of the top banana producers in the world. They produce over 50% of the world's bananas.
Ecuador's banana production is important to its economy. It produces thousands of pounds of bananas each year.
The movement of bananas across the hemispheres had a positive affect on the New World. They had a new cash crop and it flourished there. It also benefited Europe because the were turning a profit faster because it grew better in the New World.
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