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John West

on 4 July 2016

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Transcript of CMG

World Color Palette

North American Palette
Countries: Canada & United States

Las Vegas* Denver* Cleveland* Greensboro* Toronto* New York* Chicago* Atlanta* Dallas* Minneapolis* Grand Rapids* Palm Springs
European Palette
Germany * The Netherlands * Belgium * Italy * Greece * France
United Kingdom * Luxembourg * Spain * Israel * Portugal

International: Florence

Your wo
ld can be molded how you want it and whom you want to share it with.
Asia/Pacific Palette
Thailand * Australia * Japan * Taiwan Hong Kong * Malaysia * Singapore

Chromazomes International: Taiwan
Latin American Palette
Mexico * Colombia * Ecuador * Venezuela

International: Sao Paolo
Colors sell and the "right" colors sell better.
Brand recognition increases 80%
85% of consumer decisions are based on color.
Color accelerates learning
from 55% to 70%
Would you buy meat that was the "wrong" color?
the world awaits!!!
...who are we?
Inter-Industry Sharing & Networking

Interior Home + Exterior Home + Transportation
Visual Communications + Graphics + Fashion +
Industrial Design + Pigment Suppliers


instagram.com/ johnfwest

Color Marking Group (facebook):

Color Marketing Group (website):

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