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Reverse Engineering The Pen

No description

John Gibbens

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Reverse Engineering The Pen

What I edited Before After I took off the little piece on the end and shortened it a little so I could reduce the amount of plastic needed to make one of these pens. The Pen cap The Mushroom Shaped Cap Before After The Parts Form: A hollow cylinder with a cone sitting on top of it.
Function: The function of this piece is to keep the ink holder from coming out of the tube and only let the tip of the ink holder to come out. Cone Shaped Cap Hollow Cylinder Form: A tall cylinder with a hole through the center of it.
Function: It surrounds the ink holder so that it cant fall out but it cannot keep the ink holder in it without the cone shaped cap and the mushroom shaped cap. Ink Holder Form: A long cylinder shaped figure with a cone poking out.
Function: Its function is to hold the ink so that people can actually write. Mushroom shaped cap Form: A hollow cylinder with a semi-circle mounted on the top of it.
Function: Its purpose is to be put in the end of the tube to keep the ink holder from coming out of one end. The Cap Form: A hollow cylinder with a closed off end and a little sitck coming off.
Function: It is place on the end of the pen to cover up the little piece of the ink holder that shows to make sure that you don't accidentally put dots on something. Reverse Engineering Project The Pen Disassembly of object Step 1 Take off the pen cap. Step 2 Take the cone shaped cap out of the hollow cylinder. Step 3 Take the ink holder out of the hollow cylinder. Step 4 Take the mushroom shaped cap out of the hollow cylinder. Form: A white, cylinder shaped , hollow piece of plastic with an ink cartage inside and two small pieces to keep the ink cartage from coming out. There is a cap that covers part of the pen that is sticking out.
Function: To write information onto a piece of paper or other substance. I got rid of the fillet on the top of the cap and shortened the shaft for the same reason that I did for the cap. Pen Cap Cone Shaped Cap Hollow Cylinder Ink Holder Mushroom Shaped Cap Pen Presentation Goal: To make the pen more eco-friendly. Dimensioned drawings of inventor models Ink Holder Cone Shaped Cap Mushroom Shaped cap Pen Cap Hollow Cylinder Mushroom Cap edit dimensions Pen Cap edit dimensions Parts list and Exploded parts list Parts List Edited Parts List Exploded Parts List Edited Parts List Pen Presentation Edited Pen Cap Edited Cone Shaped Cap Hollow Cylinder Mushroom Cap Edited Ink Holder Overall I managed to cut 0.75 inches off of the pen to make it more eco-friendly. Reflection I think that this project was fun and entertaining because we got to choose a object of our choice and reverse engineering the object which was fun to find a problem with the original design and fix it. It was fun to make all the parts on inventor and making a edit. The only thing that I didn't like was the engineering notebook. I thought that it was a waste of time personally. Edited Piece
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