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CAPS Presentation

Lower Moreland Township School District Department of Technology

Josh Shain

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of CAPS Presentation

Community Service Service Work performed by a group or individual for the benefit of the public or community. performed by volunteers who are not paid for their time. In some instances, the work would not be accomplished without the work of volunteers many small organizations rely on people with community spirit to survive Examples Tutoring Building/Fixing Homes Assisting the Ederly Habitat Restoration Volunteer Firefighter Main Importance Giving back to the community Helping Others Being a role model Get Involved
help your community
feel better/self gratification college resume devolpment meet new people, similar interests learn from others Why? Benefits learn new skills and abilities meeting new people,and learning from them through their experiences and knowledge developing one’s own self confidence and pride one can gain experience in a particular field acquiring an overall good work ethic is one of the most positive benefits
Where I am going? Staying Here LMTSD
Technology/IT Dept. I believe that helping out our schools is one of the most important service activities for the community and township as a whole. I am very involved with the Technology Department already, and would like to continue to help others with computer/technology problems. Why? In addition, I would like to update the school’s website. There are a lot of pages that need some improvement. 3 Goals I would like to help and assist the teachers and students with technology concerns I would also like to support the IT staff with helpdesk reports and requests. THE DEPARTMENT These new technologies have required the establishment of district-wide standards and procedures, the need for additional “information services” such as analysis of data, additional technology staff who perform more specific tasks, and have provided a trusted partnership between technology and curriculum.
Over the last ten years, the Lower Moreland Township School District Technology Department has gone from an emerging school district to an established school district because the Technology needs for our K-12 organization have been increased.
With the explosive growth in our district’s
technology, the need for well-trained technical support staff has been steadily on the rise.
Technology needs have been increased as a result of district Strategic Planning goals, state programs such as Classrooms for the Future, new Student Performance Tracking systems, Smartboards, Infrastructure improvements such as (Wireless Networking, Virtual Servers, Email Archiving, etc.), the maturity level of the technology organization, and skill level of our staff members. The Network Administrator oversees the maintenance of the WAN and the telecommunications network. He also provides leadership in the daily management of the district networks, including but not limited to servers, workstations, routers, switches, and access points.
THE STAFF The school district’s Technology Department is managed and supervised by the Director of Technology, who is a staff administrator with wide responsibilities for the overall planning, coordination, and implementation of technology for the school district, including providing leadership in the use of technology delivery systems for instruction and management functions. Some other job functions include, implementing and managing the K-12 technology plan for the district, serving as the chairperson for the district technology committee, and evaluating on an annual basis the overall technology program of the district and making recommendations regarding the program to the Superintendent. In addition to the Director there are some other specialists that assist in the developments of the Technology Program. The Database Administrator manages the student software applications and oversees and manages major functions of Student Information including grade reporting, end-of-year processing, scheduling, transcript tracking, medical records, Teacher Workstation, and district grade book packages. Lastly, the Technology Assistants aide in the maintenance, as well as the upgrading and installing of computer hardware and software, working together with the rest of the staff to create an excellent and organized program and product.
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