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DeVanni's Book Report

No description

crystal walton-wyche

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of DeVanni's Book Report

Marvin and the Mean Words
The story is about a boy named Marvin and he thought that his teacher was saying mean things about him. When Marvin found out that his teacher said mean things about him. He started saying mean things about others. At the end of the story he said that his teacher was saying mean things about him. In the middle of the story he goes lose him mind and says mean things about his friends. When he found out that his teacher was talking about someone else he started saying nice things to others.
Before Marvin started to be nice again every time that someone did something wrong he made fun of it. That made other people will bad. he was the one trying to feel better but he was the one making everyone feel worst. when people was trying to make him feel better he was making them feel bad. he thought in his head i still feel bad.maybe i should be nice to people and that is what he did.
Main Events
One of the main events was Marvin at school. When Marvin was at school one of his friends was trying to feed the ants. His teacher came over and said that they needed to ask her first to feed the ants. Marvin said something to make the teacher mad and told Marvin to sit down. Marvin felt that the teacher was being mean to him. Then he got really mad so he thought of an idea.
Reader's Reaction
I like this book. When i read it, it made me feel happy and sad because Marvin said mean things to his friends. I liked how Marvin cleaned up his act. I loved this book because she told what Marvin did and how he cleaned up his act. This is my favorite book of all my books. That was my book report!!!!!!!!!
DeVanni's Book Report
Suzy was born in Berkeley, California. She always loved to write. Her favorite subject in school was creative writing, when she was allowed to choose a topic. She never got the highest marks. Her teacher always gave her "S+"'s for "satisfactory" because she made spelling mistakes.Suzy and Rufus got married and lived in a variety of different places, including Canada, before settling into Connecticut, the state they continue to call home. Suzy taught in 5th and 6th grades at Shannon Elementary School in Richmond, California for three years, and 2nd and 3rd grades at Southwest Elementary School in Torrington, Connecticut, for 24 years before retiring in June 2000. She now enjoys writing full-time and visiting schools and libraries.
Suzy Kline was an elementary school teacher for 25 years and most of her books are based on the experiences she had while teaching. Now, more than 24 years after writing her first book, Suzy has traveled all over the United States helping children learn how to enjoy reading and writing.
Main Events
Marvin thought in his head that if he is mean to others it will make him feel better.every time he was mean to others he got in trouble.he kept doing it and doing it.when they went on there field trip he started being good. when the teacher pulled him out he said why were you saying mean things about me? she said that she was talking about some one else. then he started being nice to others.
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