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No Where to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of No Where to Call Home

Jennifer-No Where to Call Home
In chapter 2 of No Where to Call Home , Francis starts to understand what happened to her father. Sense there isn't enough money to go around she needs to go live with her Aunt in Chicago. She disikes the idea of leaving her home to go with someone she barely knows. Junius Speaks up saying that he is going to become a "bo". which later gets stuck in Francis head.
She later decides she wants to become a "bo"
Chapter 2
In chapter 3, Francis Starts getting ready to leave for his aunts. She starts thinking about what it would feel like to jumps trains.
chapter 3
In chapter 4 Francis is playing her harmonica and is thinking of her fathers death. She starting to get mad at her dad for killing himself. She starts calling himself a coward for running away from the problem. Junius starts answering Francis's Quesitons about being a "bo".
Chapter 4
In chapter 1 many people lost their money. Some where forced on the streets. Francis was born into a wealthy family that had maids and butlers. Her father was very protective of his money, he would check on his money everyday and make sure nothing happened. He did unfortunately lose his money, he felt like sense he was the man of the house he should make money,but once he lost it he decided to commits suicide.
Chapter 1
Chapter 6
In chapter 6,Frances witnesses hobo's jumping the trains.she also starts dressing like a guy so she can jump trains without people saying she cant because shes a girl. she also jumps a train for her first time and almost gets caught.
Chapter 5
Chapter 7
In chapter 7, Frances meets a guy on the trian and they both share food and start an adventure together
Chapter 8
Chapter 5
Franices gets ready to leave for her aunts house. She doesnt feel comfortable with leaving her home.
Chapter 8
Francis and the guy she met on the train named stewpot arrive in Pittsburg and head to a jungle where they can get some grub.
Chapter 9
In chapter 9 Frankie meets some of Stewpots friends, she is surised to see some were girls. She questions weather she should tell stewpot that shes a girl. Frankie also works to get some grub.
Chapter 10-11
While Frankie tries to get some sleep, she plays the harmonica. Before she sleeps she says "I cant remember being happier". When she wakes up she notices her bag is gone! She searches and searches and then finds it with everything in there. When she takes a closer look she notices not everything is in there. She is upset to see that the bo's took something really dear to her.
Frankie and stewpot set off and meet a baker who gives them food and explains that his boy was a hobo too. When Stewpot figured out that Franki had $56 he takes her to a knife store and helps her bargain for a knife and ended up getting 25 cents. After she buys the knife she decides to hop on a moving train with Stewpot. Right after they get on they notice the train cart is full of oranges!!! While they eat oranges Stewpot shows her a wooden box he made and shows Frankie how to carve her own.
In these chapter Frankie admits shes a girl to Stewpot, Stewpot doesnt really act surprised. Stewpot and Frankie kind of talk about more personal things like there names and tewpot talks about his old partner. There Friendsship Grows more and more better by the day.
Chapter 19-22
When Franki and Stewpot are about to hop a train they get caught and thrown in jail. When they are released they end up going to a mission home and franki learns to keep an eye on her food.
Through these chapters Stewpot starts getting very weak to the point he cannot stand anymore. Frankie is so desperate to find help but soon meets a man who tries to help him but ends up not really helping. Stewpot dies in Frankie's arms and she makes the disition to head to chicago and live with her aunt.
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