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How do organisms obtain and use the energy

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dylan ralston

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of How do organisms obtain and use the energy

Dylan's sicence
How Organisms Obtain and Use the Energy
Needed to Live

Macro nutrients
There are two types, unsaturated
Protein has two types incomplete and
complete. The thing that builds up protein is amino acids. The thing that makes protein different is the nitrogen atom in its structure, and what it does for the body like the reason we need it is to fight things like the flu or other illnesses that are bad for you. Meat is a complete protein because its from a animal and beans and nuts are incomplete proteins because they are plant foods .

How molecules react to new molecules
Nitrogen cycle
Carbon Cycle
Energy is...
Reference list
carbohydrate structure
The simple sugar is one hexagon
The complex is like its name having many
hexagons surrounding one
lipids structure there is none because
they are always different.
Protein structure
saturated fat they have single bonds
unsaturated fat has double bonded atoms
carbohydrate pic http://www.scientificpsychic.com/fitness/carbohydrates2.html
What benefits does a
carbohydrate bring 1.They provide energy
2.Prevent diseases
3.Control weight
carbohydrate benefits
simple sugar http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/D-glucose
lipids pic http://www.parl.gc.ca/content/LOP/ResearchPublications/prb0521-e.htm
and saturated fats. They all are different like unsaturated fats are beneficial to your heart, i.e bacon, hamburgers are saturated fats and determine your cholesterol. Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fats and can be made artificially like found in donuts and flake chips, and are bad for your heart or stomach.
The benefits of protein is the the amino acids in your food break down and then reform they help your skin, grow muscles , grow your hair and helps your digestive system.
Lipid Benefits
They give us natural oils that help our body by being stored energy that we use latter that can be burned into muscle we need it to gain some nutrients that our body can't naturally make so we eat the food to attain it.
protein benefits
A protein has a alpha carbon (right in the middle) then it has nitrogen with two hydrogen which is the amino group (right) then we have the carboxile group (left) these are all
ways the same but the thing
that makes the amino acids
different is the R group
A carbohydrate is a macronutrient that we need to get energy and vitamins from. It's also the main energy source of our bodies because our cells and tissue use glucose as a form of energy. Our brain, heart and muscles move because of this macro- nutrient . Food that contains simple are fruits and vegetables like tomato, apples and refined bread and complex include starch foods like potato and pumpkins also whole wheat bread.
Nitrogen cycle

Nitrogen comes from dead animals and plants and all that goes in the ground bacteria breaks nitrate which is nitrogen's soiled form and that gets absorbed by the roots he its in the plant then the animal eats the plant we kill animal we eat meat of said animal while the animals body is being finished off or eaten by different animals and some nitrate goes back to the earth back to use eating it it goes through our body and our body takes what it wants and needs the we poop it out.The plant makes protein by having the nitrogen and hydrogen come thorough it's roots and the carbon get in through the stomata then there bonds brake by a chemical reaction then the make a new molecule and the plant uses that as energy.
carbon an nitrogen cycle pic
Carbon cycle
First carbon comes in to a plant by the roots from the dead people other animals and dead plants under ground.Then it is stored in the roots. Also the carbon left over from other thing like carbohydrates then "WEE!!" the magic happens. The carbon from there it makes lipids and carbohydrates by chemical reactions when the light rays hit the plants leave which causes a chain of events and that makes carbohydrates an lipids.
How energy cannot be created or destroyed
Food helps us live because it has the energy and nutrients that we need. We get the energy from the food when we eat it and the oxygen we breathe in causes a chemical reaction that breaks the bonds between the atoms in the macromolecules. This releases the energy it contains, and the macronutrients, like proteins, help us make muscle from the matter. Carbohydrates give us energy and matter for energy to move. With these we live a healthy life and grow to be big people- without food we would not be here.
Law of conservation of matter and energy states matter and energy can not be created or destroyed
When we eat food and breathe air, a process begins which is called respiration. The air we breathe contains oxygen that causes a chemical reaction inside our bodies that break the bonds between the atoms that make up the food. This releases the energy within the foods and we absorb said energy and we use it to move and do things. When the bond are broken the atoms make a new macronutrient.
4.healthy heart
5.being able to play sports
Is that process that the plant makes light energy into chemical energy. When the light energy is grabbed by the chlorophyll and in the leaf there's a chemical reaction that breaks the bonds(they are between the atoms) well since energy can be destroyed in make it into a different energy in this case it makes chem energy.
Flow of Energy and Matter

When I die my body is going to decay in the ground. The energy is going to go in the ground or if I die, and an animal eats me, they get the energy from me. You ate dinner, right? Did you know that the animal you ate died, but it still gave you energy because everything contains energy because matter contains energy. So if you eat anything that was alive you absorb the energy it had before . That's life!
Energy Helps Matter
Without the two there would be no life or anything at all. They help each other by controlling the food cycle. For example, I eat food I break it down in my body through cellular respiration . I get energy from food because everything I eat is matter, and all matter has energy. Without the Sun's energy, the apples on a tree would not exist, there wouldn't even be a tree. Matter needs energy to survive- yin yang.
http://www.dreamstime.com/free-photos-images/photosynthesis.html photosynthisis pic
more into detail
When you have a plant the sun,water and CO2
you have the products to make the soup called photosynthesis how to make it you put the plant down were the sunlight can hit the leaves the sunlight should go in the chlorophyll then that will go in the chloroplast and be stuck there the water come's in through the roots the travels the stem lastly we have the CO2 or carbon go in through the stomata and the light energy causes a chemical reaction the break the bond which release more energy but the law of conservation states that"matter and energy can not be created or destroyed"so it turned in to chemical energy.
In photosynthesis the law is shown
energy + 6CO2 + 6H2O = C6H12O6 + 6O2
Reactant ^
6 carbon on the reactant side and there are 6 on the product side and its true for all
the atoms.
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