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No description

Britta Tralala

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Google


Google's products
data privacy
future Thanks for your attention! Martin and Britta Google Streetview virtual tour through cities many people feel bothered by the cameras scanned to search for certain words search engine IP-adress, web browser, operating system, date and time is saved personalisation by creating an account 86% of all queries 7 of 10 people
use Google at least once a day social networks are found out frequency, length, time and data transfer are saved Google Dashboard to see what Google knows about you data privacy problem predictable and social patterns Google knows what we have done and what we will do How much safety is necessary and how much freedom is possible? telecommunications data retention interference into one's privacy needed to fight terrorism noone checks Google, Facebook, MySpace,... the police is controlled but the politicians have no definite strategy reason: the internet develops too fast it affects the freedom of everyone future identification software people, objects, sights or constellations books digitalisation of every book in the world everything is only digital available personalisation suggestions about e.g. your leisure activities no anonymity anymore consequences dimensions of the automated data evaluation are still unknwon dependency no privacy internationality Google may get
too much power "Noone exactly knows how the changes will affect us.
But the dimension of the effects will equal the industrial revolution." Zeit Online Google's products
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