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Important Events in Photography History

Choose 10 events that were important to the development of modern photography

Gabbi Osborne

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Important Events in Photography History

History of Photography 1500's: "Camera Obscura" developed to aid artists in drawing. 1826: Niepce crated first permanent image with a processed pewter
plate coated with asphalt-like material 1835: Talbot captures an image on paper with
a silver chloride solution 1851: Archer develops wet plate collodion process 1871: Maddox creates gelatin dry-plate process 1900: Kodak introduces the first mass-produced
camera, the "Brownie" 1907: The Lumiere Brothers invent the autochrome process ,
creating color photographs 1947: Land invents Polaroid instant photo system 1984: First digital camera used to photograph opening Olympics After 2000: Phones carry the capability to take
photographs, video and more.
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