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Robert Rose

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Convergence

Chapter 4: Grassroots Creativity Meets the Media Industry - Machinima Fan Participation and Influence Machinima Combination of the words "Machine"
and Cinema Origins
Doom (1993) gives players ability to record and view games
As time goes on these features become more sophisticated in subsequent games
Gamers "re-skin" in game characters and settings and create their own mini-movies
As technology improves, players are able to include custom audio, voice acting, and camera angles The use of video game software to create stories Like much of the Fan created work detailed in the book, Machinima is based on an existing mainstream property (Star Wars, Halo, etc.)
Machinima often stays within the realm of gamers, that is, Machinima is often created with gamers as it's intended audience
This often means that the references and jokes made in this format are meant to appeal to video game players

Example: Combine Nation
Created by Fans utilizing the Source Engine used for popular video game Half Life 2 Commercialization
Popular Halo Machinima series Red Vs. Blue now sold on DVD
Rooster Teeth, the company behind the series produces ads for video game Company Electronic Arts to promote games like the Sims 2 & Madden NFL
The Madden ads become the first Machinima broadcast commercials
In 2004, The History Channel used assests from the game Rome: Total war to recreate historical battles for it's show Decisive Battles
That same year MTV2 launched a show called Video Mods, that showed Machinima music videos with video game characters re-skinned as popular musicians Question
Do you think that Machinima has the potential to break out and appeal to non-gamers?
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