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The Zones of Regulation -Elementary

No description

Paula Stratman

on 5 November 2018

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Transcript of The Zones of Regulation -Elementary

The Zones of Regulation
What are the Zones?
There are four zones that we will use to describe how your brain and body feel.
How many zones have you visited today?

Heads together- Share

Lets try to figure out which emotion goes in which zone?

Together we will create the first
lesson. Zones posters for the

The Why
Self regulation: Being in control of our needs and our emotions!

Blue Zone
When you are in the
zone your body is running slow, such as when you are tired, sick, sad, or bored.

Green Zone
Zone, Like a green light is when you are, " good to go." If you are in the
zone, you may feel happy, calm, and focused.

Yellow Zone
When you are entering the
Zone, proceed with caution and slow down! The
Zone describes when you start to lose control,

Red Zone
Zone is reserved for extreme emotions such as terror, uncontrolled anger, aggression, and elation. When you are in the the
Zone, you are out of control, have trouble making good decisions, and must STOP!





Zone check in.... where are you at.......

Looking forward
Talking about our triggers

Explore the zones by learning new terms to help us describe how we feel

Build a toolbox for life.

Have fun!

Create a safe enviroment so we can take risks and share.

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