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Important People

No description

Lisa Lane

on 18 October 2017

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Transcript of Important People

Helped stop the Stamp Act, helped France become America’s alliance during the war,
in supplies from France, created the Join or Die cartoon, signed the
, Alliance with France, Constitution, and the Treaty of Paris 1783
Ben Franklin
Most influential political essayists of his time. Helped organize the
system in NC, judge of NC Superior Court, created and revised the laws of NC, strong supporter of the Constitution, leader of NC
Party, he was later one of the first Supreme Justices of the Supreme Court
James Iredell Sr.
English king during the Rev War time period. The
loved him, the colonists hated him, even making effigies of him and burning them

Add to your notes:
Effigies: representations of a hated person

King George III
Helped shape people’s thoughts towards
, helped stop the Stamp Act, signed the Declaration of Independence, helped mastermind the Boston Tea Party, probably would have been one of the first to die if England had won the war because they thought him a
Samuel Adams
Important People
of the Revolutionary War Era
Rode to
to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock that the
were coming. He was able to warn many that they were coming. He was arrested and held for a long time before he was released
Paul Revere
Betsy Ross
During the Rev War, she owned an upholstery shop where she may have made shirts for George
Representatives from the Continental Congress asked her to make the new flag for the new nation. There is no proof that she made the flag, but there is no proof that she didn’t. The story gave women
Governor of NC. He expanded the Church of England in NC. He was personally opposed to the Stamp Act, but he had to enforce it. He didn’t let the Assembly meet so that they could officially go against the Act. Built an elaborate “palace” for the governor (himself) in New Bern paying for it by raising
which was highly unpopular. Created the postal system, stifled the Regulator Movement which was caused by the high taxes to build the palace.
Governor Tryon
Argued the Stamp Act in the VA House of Burgesses. He came up with the Stamp Act
in which 5 were passed. One of the first to argue the Stamp Act. He represented VA in the
Continental Congress. Famous orator, led militia, served 4 terms of governor in VA, and worked to have the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution
Patrick Henry
Sense, an easy to read pamphlet telling Americans how to be free.
Thomas Paine
Leader of the American army during the French and Indian War. Made a General during the Second Continental Congress. Attacked a British camp on
Eve (this had been unheard of before this time). President of the Constitutional Convention. Elected
president because he was a great general.
George Washington
A member of the Stamp Act Congress. Joined Samuel Adams in going against the British and became a member of the Boston Assembly. Helped in the Boston Tea Party and told people about the Boston Massacre. Member of the First Continental Congress.
of the Second Continental Congress. He signed the Declaration of Independence real big so that King George III could read it without his
John Hancock
Member of the colonial assembly and speaker of the house. Enacted
education for every county. He became
of the state.
Richard Caswell
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