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My Travel Around the World

No description

Mark Liu

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of My Travel Around the World


I will start at Beijing, and I will go around the world.
First, I will go to Tokyo by ship.
We are in Tokyo. Then I will go to Manila by sailboat.
After this, I will row a boat to the Kuala Lumpur.
Now we are in Port Moresby. The next place we will go is Australia's Sydney by jet ski!
We are now in Sydney! Now we will take a submarine to Alaska!
Now we are in the capital of Alaska: Anchorage. We will go to Seattle by airplane.
Now we are in Phoenix, we will drive a car to Tucson.
We're in Tucson now, and we will take a hot air balloon to Chicago
Oh, we are in Chicago. And we will go to New York by train
We are in New York!!!
We will now go to Mexico city by seaplane!
Hey, we are in Caracas, we will take a helicopter to Rio de Janeiro!
Now, we are in Rio de Janeiro. We will take a motorcycle to Santiago
We are in Buenos Aires now. We will go to Cape Town by motor ship.
We are in Cape Town, we are going to go to Lizbon by Aircraft carrier.
We are in Lisbon. We will ride a bicycle to Madrid
We are in Madrid now. We will walk to London.
Here is Paris. We are going to go to Rome by metro.
Rome!!! Now we are drive a ambulance to Cairo!
We are in Cairo now! Next we are going to go to Nairobi by a moving van.
Here is Moscow, we are go to New Delhi by scooter.

We are in New Delhi. We will go to Guangzhou by a pick up truck.
Here we are! We are now going to go to Beijing by roller ski.
We are at Santiago, we will go to Buenos Aires by taxi.
We are at Nairobi now. We are going to go to Tehran by bus.
We are in London. We will go to Iceland by sled.
We are in Iceland now. We are going to go to Green Land next stop by skis.
We are at Green Land now. We are going to go to Norway's capital Oslo by roket.
We are in Oslo now. We are go to Paris by van.
We are in Toronto, we are going to go to New York next stop by police car.
We are in Mexico city now, We are go to Caracas by dump truck.
We are in Seattle, we are go to Phoenix by RV.
We are in Shanghai, We will back to
Beijing by
We are in Tehran now, we are go to Moscow by tow truck.
We are in Kuala Lumpur, we are go to
Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby by garbage truck
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