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Caitlyn Wurzburger

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a fast paced sport played by two teams. The teams attempt to score goals by getting a small rubber ball into their opponent's net. The team who scores the most goals wins the game. During the game the players will catch, carry, pass, and shoot the ball using a lacrosse stick. A lacrosse stick is a stick with a handle and a netted pocket at the top of the stick. The pocket is used for holding the ball. I chose lacrosse, as my topic because I love playing lacrosse and I think it is a unique sport to play and learn.
Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America. Native Americans developed it centuries ago. Lacrosse was rooted in the Native American's religions, and was often played to resolve conflicts, and develop strong men. To Native Americans lacrosse is still referred to as the "Creator's Game." Native Americans used wooden lacrosse sticks to play. Some teams only had a few players on each team, but other teams had thousands of players and played on fields that were miles long. Modern lacrosse began in eastern Canada in the mid 1800s. Americans began to use sticks made out of molded plastic, but most Native Americans still use wooden sticks. Today lacrosse is Canada's national summer sport, and lacrosse is becoming popular in other countries. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States.
Boys and Men's Lacrosse - Men's lacrosse wears pads to protect the chest, elbows, ribs, and upper arms. They wear their pads under their jerseys. Also, they wear mouth guards, helmets, gloves, and cleats.

Women's and Girls Lacrosse - Female field lacrosse players do not have to wear pads. They have to wear mouth guards, uniforms, cleats, and eye goggles. Gloves are optional.

Goaltenders - Goalies wear the most equipment. They wear all types of pads like throat protectors, chest protectors, and arm pads. Also, goalies have to wear mouth guards, gloves, and a helmet too.
Field Setup
In women's lacrosse there is no body checking, but in men's lacrosse you can body check.
In women's lacrosse there is no hitting the body with the stick, but in men's lacrosse you can hit the body with the stick.
In women's lacrosse there is 12 players on the field, but in men's lacrosse there is 10 players on the field.
Women's has two 30 minute halves, and men's has four 15 minute quarters.
In women's and men's lacrosse the game starts with a draw. The girl's draw is in the air, and the mens' is on the ground.
In women's lacrosse there's a shooting space violation, but in men's there is not.
In women's and men's lacrosse you cannot push from the back, but in men's you can push from the front.
In women's and men's lacrosse you can check anywhere, but you cannot check to the head.
Women's vs. Men's Rules
Lacrosse is fun because it's not like any other sport. In lacrosse you work as a team to win and become the best that you can be. One reason lacrosse is important is because its North America's first sport and it taught Americans to work together. Lacrosse is such a special sport to me because lacrosse is what I'm meant to play and I love playing the sport.
In the Mens game there is only 10 players allowed on the field from each team. The three defensive players are right here, the goalie is right here, the midfielders are here, and the attackers are here.They start the game with a draw on the ground. The draw starts on the middle of the midfield line. This is the midfield line. Once a player gets possession from the draw the team has 10 seconds to get the ball over the restraining line. This is the restraining line. Each team must keep four players, including the goalie, in its defensive half of the field and three in its offensive half. This means that when a team is on offense they have to have four players behind the midfield line, and when a team is on defense they have to have three players behind the midfield line. The three midfielders can roam the entire field. The goal circle is right here. Know one else is allowed in the goal circle except the goalie and the defenders, but the offense players can put their sticks in the goal circle.
In the Women's game there is only 12 players from each team allowed on the field. They start the game with a draw standing up. The draw is taken in the middle of the draw circle. The draw circle is right here. Once a player gets possession they don't have a time limit that they have to get the ball over the restraining line like the mens game. The 12 meter is right here. The 8 meter is here and the defenders are only allowed to be in the 8 meter for 3 seconds without being a stick length from an offensive player. If they aren't a stick length away for more than 3 seconds, the offensive players get an 8 meter shot. The same rules go for the women's game and the boys game regarding the goal circle rules.
By Caitlyn Wurzburger

Kayla Treanor is the best
women's lacrosse player
right now.
Syracuse is ranked number #1 in the country.
12 - meter
goal circle
draw circle
restraining line
restraining line
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