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Music Festivals

English/history project 6th 6 weeks

Lyndee weaver

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Music Festivals

Music festivals took place in Greece as music competitions starting in the sixth century. They usually occured at the Pythian Games. These games were held two years before and after the Olympics.
Historians believe that the first music festival was in Egypt around 4500 B.C. Their festivals were religious ceremonies and political fests featuring music and dancing.
Another early music festival was the Irish Music Festival that took place in 1897.
Indigo, California is home to the world famous Music Festival,
Coachella is one of the most famous music festivals in the US. Hundreds of celebrities attend the festival every year.
The Newport Jazz Festival,
located in Newport, Rhode Island, started in 1954. As one of the most important and significant jazz festivals, it continues on today.
The Monterey International Pop Music Festival
was a three-day concert event held in 1967 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in Monterey, California. This festival was a precursor to Woodstock.
The Berkshire Festival
(also known as Tanglewood) was the first music festival of the Modern Era, which has been running annually since 1937.
The most famous of all the music festivals is Woodstock. It took place in White Lake, New York during the summer of '69.
Woodstock was notorious for hippies, drugs, and peace. There was even a Woodstock reunion on its thirtieth anniversary.
Bonnaroo Music Arts Festival
is one of the larger modern festivals in the U.S. They keep people entertained with lots of activities to do.
Music Festivals
Frida, Lyndee and Keri
Fashion is a huge factor of the music festival experience. Surprisingly, music festival fashion hasn't changed too much throughout the years.
Given that fashion has, in fact, been modernized, the average middle class person wears clothing to modern festivals similar to that of the hippie days.
Some popular clothing choices are bathing suits, denim, headbands, sunglasses and hats.
European fashion is very similar to American fashion. However, most Europeans wear rain boots to their festivals, even if it's not raining.
Music Festivals: a series of performances at a particular place and inspired by a unifying theme, such as national music, modern music etc.
- dictionary.com
held in Roskilde, Denmark, is the largest in Denmark. Frida has been here and says that when she thinks of festivals, she thinks of camping and rain boots.
Floyd Fest
is our local music festival which I'm sure most of the people in our school have attended.
Have you bought your tickets yet?
Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Manchester, Tennessee
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