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History 1945-1982

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samantha weng

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of History 1945-1982

When was the new
technologies created
During the year of 1945-1967 television was finally created
Question: What year did television took a big part of peoples life?
Answer: In the year of 1950s Canadian television took on a large role
Question: how did technologies change people.
Answer: in the olden day without those technologies all people do are chores and play outside but with technologies kids just stay in home a play with their high tech device. Did you know that those people who didnt have high tech device have higher learning skills and much better working brain
Question: technologies bad impact on human?
1: bad eduction
2. horrible spelling skills
3. lack of using brain
(rely on technologies all the time)
History 1945-1982
Question: Why was technologies invented?
Answer: Technologies was invented because after the world war 2 everyone wanted to forget about the war so they started the radio, and television for internment
Question: how did the technologies helped others to know about other countries?
Answer: the t.v not just shows commercials, movies and tell jokes but there was also news that talks about the weather, and the newest funnest thing that was going on in other countries
Who invented telephones?
Answer: Alexander Graham
Technologies compare in WW1 and now
- scream only in black and white
-not a lot of information
-make just to let people to forget about the war
- colourful
- google does all thinking and work
-technologies(computer) is now a mandatory part of our life
- easier to use
Technologies advantages
tracer bullet
Interrupter gear
Depth charges
Pilotless drones
Question: how did new technologies help win the war?
Answer: people used their brain and those new technologies to create weapons to help fight the was such as guns, bombs, poison gas,tanks and air warfare.
Question: how did technologies help Canada building towards a perfect society ?
Answer: With technologies such as computer its easier for people to pass on their knowledge and with computers you could do everything without even walking out. Most importantly with technologies people could make better equipments in this case this is why technology is helping Canada building toward a better society.
YouTube video
Question: When did the cold war began and end?
began 1945 February 4
end 1991 August
Question: why was it call the cold war?
Answer: cold war means war without physical harms nor use of a deadly weapon, it's a war that is in a silent, usually cold war would last longer then those physical war.
Question: what countries was involved?
Question: what weapon did they use?
Question: what was the major nation involve in the cold war and why?
Question: how was Canada involved in the cold war?
Question: how did cold war help Canada building towards a perfect society?
Great Britain- US' ally
Russia (Soviet Union)
Cuba- Cuban Missile Crisis
Korea- Korean War
Afghanistan- Russian Invasion
Germany- Berlin Crisis of 1961
Vietnam- The Vietnam War was actually part of cold war
Eastern Bloc- Russian controlled countries
Answer: nuclear arms, hence the arms race, nuclear submarines, cruise missiles, nuclear payloads and advanced aircraft. They was also use submachine guns such as, the Uzi, Beretta M12, Beretta Model 3, and the PPS. There was full sized machine guns such as, the FN MAG, M240 Machine gun, and Zastava M72 There was also assault rifles like, the AK-47 and the M16. There was also man big guns like anti-aircraft guns and naval mounted guns. Also another neat little gun, The Mk1 underwater defense weapon, it fired darts for underwater use.
Answer: United States and the Soviet Union was the major part of the cold war they fought just to see/prove who had more power
Answer: During these early years of the Cold War, Canada became established in its own right on the international stage. This is a big step for Canada.
Joining NATO!
NATO( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Canada has been a member of NATO since it was founded in 1949. NATO is a major contributor to international peace and security and a cornerstone of Canadian security and defense policy. The NATO is a group of countries that would help each other that in the alienists to face those who are non NATO if those non NATO attacks there alienist countries.



Answer: we were aliens with other countries, we also play a big role in the Korean war and we had deference for the cold war.
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