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Coaching Youth Hockey

Presentation at Le Web 09 by Mike Jones and Monica Keller.Topics: Open APIs and Real TimeFor more details visit http://developer.myspace.com

Jeremy Bost

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Coaching Youth Hockey

Coaching Youth Hockey Jeremy Bost
Delisle 3 200,000 players in the US Neighbor was on the Hurricanes Became a teacher
and friend Moved to Atlanta because of hockey My Story Different methods of coaching It was very important to
understand how to coach
before I started coaching! Research A couple things I learned... The Coaches Role Skills Mentality Shooting
Skating Positions
Plays Character Sportsmanship
Different Philosophies With younger kids,
more repitition with less
emphasis on perfection As kids get older,
coaches should strive for
perfection in technique Product running a hockey practice First sessions I watched my mentor
helped by setting up drills Middle Sessions more interaction with kids

lead the players through drills

talked with the kids more

picked the kids up a lot Last sessions discussed how to run my
own practice

really connected with the kids

had FUN! Mentor Matt Frank Coach for the
Youth Hockey Program
at the Marietta Ice
Center Played College Hockey
for Ferris State
University Looking Back... I was able to help kids the way I was helped as a kid

I never thought I'd be good with kids

I'm more comfortable with a leadership role in what I do

I had fun!
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