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Graphics 1 Final

Hajin Bae Graphic Designer

kylie klein

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Graphics 1 Final

Hajin Bae Hajin Bae Korean:
Graphic Designer
Art Director
What Hajin Bae Calls:
"Night" & "Day" Bryjin Collaboration Photographer Bryant Eslava & Illustrator Hajin Bae come together to make "Bryjin" Education Korean Graphic Designer
& Art Director Kaywon School of Art & Design,
Korea. 1998—2001.
Film & Video Art Exhibitions Soul of Seoul
(Solo show. Seoul, Korea) 2012.
Green Upcycling Exhibition
(Group show. Seoul, Korea) 2012.

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival-‘Story of Secret State'
(Group show. Melbourne, Australia) 2010.

Soul of Seoul
(Solo show. Tokyo, Japan) 2009. Two Styles: Fashion Magazine NYLON Japan Landor, Singapore Acuvue Brand Contacts Clients Bryant's Photographs inspired Hajin Bae's Illustrations Hajin Bae also worked with: SAMSUNG, LG,
Shinhan Card, Hanwha,
Maybelline New York (Korea),
Ecole Magazine (Korea),
Cosmogirl magazine (Korea),
Woman Sense Magazine,
Noblige Magazine,
Seventeen Magazine(Korea),
The Michaela Radio Show Online Promotional Illustrations (USA), Mamamesen (Japan),
Evans music (Korea),
J&H Music (Korea),
Besiva (India),
jtune camp
AMOREPACIFIC, Mostly Fashion Based Muses Hajin Bae will give old pieces new looks with color jobs Hajin Bae's
Illustrations Bryant
Photographs Bryjins Hajin Bae breathes new life into
old Movie Posters and Promos 2013- The Clothes Maiden Magazine (UK) Issue No. 11

2012- The Huffington Post (USA) / Juxtapoz Magazine (website, USA) / NASTY GAL (USA) / niusnews (China)
I love illustation (website)/ The London Korean Times (website, United Kingdom)

2011- The Michaela Radio Show (USA) / VAU (USA)

2009- kichijoji Economic News (Japan) / Yahoo JAPAN
2007- Rayli Magazine (China)

Hajin Bae Featured: Hajin Bae often
uses models as
inspiration in her
pieces, and will
occasionally use
her friends such
as her French
friend used as
inspiration here: More Movie Posters Hajin Bae Style Hajin Bae interacts with her followers
by sharing her pieces and story on her
tumblr (soulist-aurora).

She also looks for inspiration in real
life and real people so she will request
models for inspiration. I've actually
sent in a picture... Original Photo Hajin Bae Touch Hajin Bae Hajin Bae Artwork animated music video
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