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Ed Gein

No description

Tori Burns

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Ed Gein

Ed Gein
Crimes (1945-1957)
He started with digging up bodies in cemeteries and using there body parts for his body suit and practiced necrophilia and human taxidermy.
In 1954 he turned to murder and killed 2 women. Bernice Worden and
After the murder of Bernice Worden, the police became suspicious of Gein.
Upon searching his house they found multiple body parts such as lamp shades made out of skin.
Gein pleaded not guilty by reason by insanity
In 1958, Gein was declared insane and sent to the Wisconsin State Hospital in Mendota
His mother would punish him for making friends at school claiming that all women were prostitutes and all men were the devil.
After the death of his mother whom he worshiped, he set out to make a suit of body parts that resembled his mother in hope to keep her alive in heart.
July 26, 1984
Died of respiratory and heart failure due to cancer
Age 77
Early Life
August 27th 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Father was an alcoholic and religious mother.
One brother by the name of Henry
Tori Burns
(The Butcher of Plainfield)
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