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The controversies of scientology


Hanna Muller

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of The controversies of scientology

What is Scientology? History Facts & Figures Their beliefs Philosophy Methods Aspects Pro Contra Stories Controversies & Critics Conclusion L. Ron Hubbard *March 13, 1911 - + January 24, 1986
Started writing Science-Fiction at age of 16, later published
Was married to 3 wifes (2 at the same time) - 7 children
1950 - established first doctrine "Dianetics"
1953 - founded Scientology organisation

Scientology from Latin "scientia" & Greek "lógos"
1950 - Hubbard published "Dianetics - The Modern Science of Health"
- entered NY Times Bestseller list - people started following a trend
Established 1953 with notion of "Dianetics"
1960s - Scientology was banned and named illagal in some countries
1967 - Sea Org was established
1967 - Tax-free status is lost - claimed to be for-profit organisation
1996 - Purchase of CAN - their "enemies" Exact number of member not known
- estimates: 8 million worldwide
- between 25-55'000 in USA 8'071 churches, groups & missions
Number of people completing doubled since 2007
80 million Hubbard books sold Beliefs by L. Ron Hubbard
Most popular new religious thinking
Seen as threat in some countries
Membership base with fees according to income
Audit passed prior to intake Fastest growing "religious" organisation
Celebrities key assets
Potrays itself as charitable & non-profit
Members pay several thousand dollars/year
Tries to keep activities secret
Why do people join? Humans are immortal beings able to reincarnate
Scientology helps them to become "better humans"
8 dynamics of existence
Through Scientology - freedom & spiritual release Auditing
OT levels (I - VIII)
Workshops (Narconon) Community feeling
Getting over difficult times
Rehab / addictions (not scientifically proven)
Stability & Safety Disconnection policy
Organized Fraud - Criminal organization
Methods not scientifically proven
Operation Snow White
Roxanne Friend
Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) Methods not scientifically proven
- health-endangering
"Fair Game"

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