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No description

lucas pritchett

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of SMOSH

some info
there real names are ian hecox and antony padilla, they have 6 different youtube channels and their main channel has 13 million subscribers they come second in the world for subscribers the first is pewdiepie.
what there videos are based on
most of there videos are just funny sketckes that they make and post on youtube they also make songs and challenges, comentarys etc...
there channels
they have 6 channels there main channel smosh and there secondary channels, ian h, shutup cartoons smosh games and ian the cute cat and lunchtime with smosh
who there charaters are
smosh have a lot of people working with them and make a video every friday there main charaters are: stevie, ian, antony, ians mom and teleporting fat guy
who are they
smosh are 2 best friends that started out on youtube with them lip syncing and dancing to different theme tunes, they stared in 2005 and there video got 27 million veiws then smosh started
how they make there money
They make there money from the videos they make because they have a youtube partnership,so every video they make they earn money to make better videos and earn a living.
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