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Agile Development Methods

Overview and Trends For Master Seminar Computer Sience University of Applied Science Augsburg

Bastian Fettke

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Agile Development Methods

Agile Development Methods overview - technics and more Bastian Fettke Agenda Short Overview
eXtreme Programming
Feature Driven Development
Is Agile grown-up?
Implementation Why beeing Agile ? Transformation Process Requirements not fix at project start can change every Time ...even with 'good' customers Economic Reasons Early system usage... ... less change to fail complete ...higher Return of Invest ...self finance project Key aspects Circular procedure Circular procedure very often
detailed small steps
adjustment with customer High Communication Communication Planning with customer
Retroperspective Meeting
Cooperation Social Aspects Social Aspects Mistakes without punishment
Everyone is unique
No Secrets
High Transparency Agile Methods Scrum eXtreme
Programming Feature Driven
Development Scrum Rolles Artefacts Process Rolles Product Owner Scrum Master Team The Product Owner Defines Requirements
First Contact for Customer
Priorizes Modules (for Sprints)
Defines User Stories
Replan after every Sprint The Scrum Master Keeps impediments from Team
Supervise Scrum Process
Keeps team productive
Is not part of the team The Team self organized
estimates effort
detailed planning of Sprint
only small groups Artefacts Product Backlog Selected Backlog Sprint Backlog Impediment Backlog Burn-Down Chart Scrum Process eXtreme
Programming Overview ambitios method
programming specifications
colaboration specifications
collective requirements management Time-Cycles Five characteristics communication
respect principles humanity profitability opposite advantage diversity improvment reflection flow redundancy quality small steps accepted responsibility Feature Driven
Development Create Overall-Model Define Complexity
Define Models of System in Teams
present / update / integrate Create Feature List Lead Programmer define List
Divide Requirements into small steps
Aktion - Return - Object
"Calculate overall Amount from Sales" Lead-Programmer and Project Leader
considering Relationships
define Owner of Feature
define Owner of Core-Classes
establish temporary Feature-Team Design Feature create sequence diagrams
adjust class models
first classes and methods
review with quality assurance Implement Feature coding
code review
component tests Feature Driven
Development no self organized teams
good for big teams
easy to implement in big companies Is Agile grown-up ? Agile - The Answer ? Not for everything...
...but a good one. minimize risks & failures cant solve unrealistic deadlines
and small budgets Implementation Transparency Quality Flexibility realistic progress rating
fixed point for changes timeboxing communication team
customer Test Driven Development Code Review incremental Design simple design decisions
developing Architecture maintenance
modification react to requirements changes only small detail planning implementation of definied modules best cost-benefit-ratio first mostly no hard relationships Any questions ? Early system adoption Feature Plan
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