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Nixon, Ford, & Carter

No description

Ben Boyd

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Nixon, Ford, & Carter

Nixon Administration President 1969-1974
Only President to resign Big Issues:
ending Vietnam War
Economic/oil issues
Busing/Civil Rights
Watergate New Federalism Wanted to decrease size of fed govt Give govt. power and money to state and local govts. Revenue sharing-
states spend govt.
money how they want WElfare Reform Tried to change welfare with family assistance plan (FAP) Family of 4--1600 dollars/yr
unemployed--must take job training and any job Defeated in senate--conservatives and liberals disagreed Pros and cons Increased social security, medicare payments Impounded 15 billion
dollars against fed
unconstitutional Nixon's Dark Side as
enemies list--opponents, anti-war, counter-culture
illegal wiretappings
Used CIA, IRS, FBI to harass enemies nixon and Supreme court Believed Warren court of 1960's
too liberal--too much involvement,
easy on criminals promised conservatives new justices 4 new justices:
Chief justice warren
burger--did not always
side with white house Southern Strategy--nixon's attempt to change southern voting from democrat to republican southern dems: angry at party
for extending civil rights, growing too liberal Nixon's response: slow integration process, but still make it happen Result: southern voters aligned with republican party, still in effect today Busing--forced desgregation of school districts 1971: Swann vs. charlotte-mecklenburg schools
ruled that busing was legal and should be used Opposed: nixon, southern states, detroit, boston

Result: southern support of nixon, some
african-americans opposed busing Huge contorversy in Boston
over integration of high schools via busing stagflation: '67-'73
high unemployment
rising inflation causes
deficit spending
overflow of workers
dependence on foriegn oil trouble with opec middle-eastern oil producing nations
gradually raised prices through '60s yom kippur war (egypt/syria vs israel)
1973--Us helps israel Opec embargo against us
shortage in US
price rose when embargo lifted Many stations could not
meet demand! "Odd Days" & "Even Days"
license plate #s flag system in some states used to ration gasoline Ford administration Only non-elected President
August 1974-1977 Carter administration Big Issues
Nixon pardoned
Economic recession 1976 Election Republicans:
Ford runs for his own term
California gov ronald reagan nearly takes nomination Democrats
Georgia gov, peanut farmer jimmy carter washington "outsider" "Common Man" appeal " i will never lie to the american people" Ford wanted the country to move on after nixon
Many americans angered at nixon escaping justice h
p n
n o
w supposed to be grassroots movement
ford tried "tight money" policy
cut spending, high interest rates Foreign Policy continued detente
vietnam ends '75--ford got no funding to aid s vietnam Helsinki accords
helped ease the cold war
greater cooperation between western and eastern communist nations 1977-1981 Republican Democrat Big Issues
Energy Crisis
Economic Recession
Middle-East Cost of fuel still high
long lines---again Carter wanted the govt. to push for alternative energy Nuclear power Solar power National energy act
tax on low-mileage cars
no price controls on oil Three mile island--nuclear power plant near nuclear meltdown--people evacuated
increased safety concerns
about nuclear power Nothing carter did for the economy seemed to help
1980--inflation rose to 14% WHY was America having
a tough economy for so long? Economy had changed since 1950s Less manufacturing
More service jobs
ex. education,
health occupations,
communications Faster technology changes
Greater global competition Foreign policy--focused on middle-east emphasis on human rights:
america should not help or aid nations that oppress or harm their own people Camp David Accords Brought a peace between Egypt & Israel
1st successful US peace in Middle-East
Improved US/Israel relations
Would later cause difficulties with Islamic nations Iran hostage crisis--1979-jan 1981 Islamic revolution religious based movement
in iran against shah shah was us supported
installed by cia in 1953 Us overthrew govt. in '53
why? Carter allows shah safety in us iranians capture
us embassy--take americans hostage "ayatollah" khomeni
iran's islamic religious leader
america=evil carter's reaction
tried diplomacy
failed military operation
public thought he failed 52 hostages held for 444 days hostages released--reagan's inaguration detente ended with carter
1979--soviets invade afghanistan
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