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The Holocaust

No description

Nisaa Ravenell

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of The Holocaust

1933 In 1933 the first concentration camps were built. Amongst these was the Dachau Concentration Camp was established on March 22, 1933. The Nazis got to the point where they boycotted Jewish businesses and issued a decree that defines non aryans. During this time period Hermann Goering created the Gestapo which was the official police of Nazi-Germany and consisted of only German members. Where it all Started! What Is The Holocaust? 1934 By 1934 Jews were not allowed to have national health insurance and their holidays were removed from the official German calendar. The SS (Schutzstaffel) was fouded by Adolf Hitler in April of 1925 as a group of personal bodygaurds, but between 1934 and 1936 the SS sought control on the German police force and expanded their responsibilities. Hitler recieves a 90% approval rating from the people and becomes Der Fuhrer. 1936 In 1936 the SS Death's Head division was created to gaurd camps. Heinrich Himmler was Reichsführer (a special SS rank that existed between the years of 1925 and 1945) of the SS, a military commander, a leading member of the Nazi Party of Nazi Germany and Cheif of German Police. There was the Olympic games in Berlin where Jews treated better for just a brief period of time. 1937 By 1937 Jews weren't allowed to teach German children or become accountants or dentists.. The "Eternal Jew" exhibit which was degenerate art of Jews. The objective of the exhibition was not to hold these works up as exemplary and admirable but to present them as worthy of condemnation and derision. This exhibit promoted stereotypins of Jews and warned the Germans. By: J'nai Ravenell-Dudley The Holocaust
(Means "death by fire") The Holocaust is a program of mass murder and discrimination towards the Jews. In 1933 there were 566,000 jews living in Germany then Adolf Hitler and the Nazi paarty seized power in 1933. Slowly but surly began their program against Jews. Each new year in Germany led to harsher policies directed towards the Jews "Nazis issue a Decree defining a non-Aryan as "anyone descended from non-Aryan, especially Jewish, parents or grandparents. One parent or grandparent classifies the descendant as non-Aryan...especially if one parent or grandparent was of the Jewish faith."

Source: http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/holocaust/timeline.html The holocaust ended when the allied forces defeated Germany and then took over. The holocaust really ended in 1945 after the ww2 was about to end to it also ended when the nazi lost power of Germany, but the official day of the end of the holocaust was at the end of ww2 exactly when all the troops surrendered also. The holocaust ended in certain places when the allies let go of the prisoners in the camps in 1944-1945 after Hitler’s death in 1945 the Germans decided to let go of the Jewish prisoners. The Allied armies, theAmericans, British, French, and Canadians from the West, and the Soviets and Yugoslavs from the East. They all came into Germany and let go of the concentration camps and the people. Then forced the nazi to surrender on May 8, 1945. When Did All This End? ENDE
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