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Tom Hanks: "Nicest Guy In Hollywood" or not?

No description

Mohammad Zaidi

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Tom Hanks: "Nicest Guy In Hollywood" or not?

It's time to take a deeper look at why Tom Hanks unlike so many others, appears to be a relatively 'good-natured' celebrity, but is this really the case and if so why? Despite my use of the greatest research tools known to mankind (wikipedia) and my intense cynicism, Tom Hanks has remained completely clean as an individual. To understand why, let's uncover the details of his childhood; Hanks described himself as a geek, a spaz, an unpopular nobody. This rejection and isolation in his early years have formed a deep fear within Hanks of losing the reputation he has gained. Rather than being kind for the sake of kindness, Tom frantically paints himself in a positive light out of an overwhelming anxiety to retain the social position he has gained in society, to avoid being alone once again.
Hanks: The Dropout
Psychodynamic Analysis:
Humanistic and Cognitive Reviews
Hanks is great at starting things, but not at finishing them, not dissimilar to the many divorces he's witnessed and been a part of in his life. In fact, the psychological reason Hanks dropped out of college can be inferred as a result of his cognitive understanding from divorces, or at least his mothers one. Essentially, his problem solving methods are based on previous mental sets which automatically presume uncompleted tasks lead to happiness; leave things behind before they sour, an interesting philosophy if nothing less.
Although, this does not directly concern Tom, his son, an aspiring rapper, has been caught on film using the n-word many times throughout his career. This lack of sensitivity to others must stem from a lack of parenting, after all, Hanks had no father figure in his life ever since his parent's divorce at age 4, leaving him no example to follow. As a father, Hanks was not able to correctly bring up his son Chet, due to his ignorance on raising children rooting back to his early isolation. Hanks managed to learn how to portray himself, but he never learned how to teach, leading to his sons infamous position.
A Deeper Look: Tom Hanks Edition LVII
The Disgraced Son Part 2: The Drugs
Social-Cultural Perspective:
Evolution Theory:
Tom Hanks: "The Nicest Guy In Hollywood" or so you thought.
Samantha Lewes; Tom's First Wife
Rita Wilson; Tom's Current Wife (But for how long?)
A Complete Psychological Analysis By: Dr. Mohammad M. Zaidi Hosting 17 PhDs
Biological Study:
It is very well known that Tom Hanks, supposedly the
'nicest guy in Hollywood,' cheated on his first wife, Samantha Lewes, but the question is why? Hanks' parents divorced when he was 4, however, in his Although Tom may have had an initial adverse reaction, an internal process bloomed stating that divorce is needed for a true marriage after watching his mother grow happier once separated from his father. Clearly, Hank wanted the best for Lewes, believing she would be happier with a second chance rather than the first. To not arrive at this conclusion is preposterous, he is a very troubled, broken man beneath the surface of that kindness, and those genes passed down to him are part of the reason for his first (and last?) divorce.
Next, we must discuss why Hanks particularly sought out Rita as his better half by delving into the science of physical attraction. Biologically speaking, most men tend to seek women with a waist to hip ratio of 0.7, providing concrete reasoning for his romantic interest in Rita Wilson. As a sidenote, the belief that media shapes our values of beauty is simply untrue; those typically remain universal. Furthermore, men tend to have a 23% chance to cheat on their spouses, only adding to the argument. However, an interesting point to mention is that even though males seek younger partners, Rita is actually 12 years older than Lewes. Deep within his psyche, Hanks was not only attracted to Wilson due to his built up childhood trauma but also as a result of the biological signs of health displayed by Wilson.
As a child, Hanks was devoid of love and acceptance from others, forever an outcast to society. The exhilarating jump in his social status due to his career was simply too addictive to ever risk. In order to maintain that sense of belonging, Hanks crafts himself as the perfect actor, the perfect celebrity, the perfect person, but that simply may not be the truth. Like anyone else, the truth is Tom Hanks just wants to feel appreciated and valued, and he'll do whatever he has to to maintain that.
Disclaimer: Tom Hanks is actually a very
kind and caring person; none of my rudeness in this presentation is meant to be a true jab at him. Please understand none of these jokes are meant to be taken seriously.
Behavioral Analysis
The Outcast
The Divorce
The Disgraced Son Part 1: The Racist
With a shocking media reaction, the Hanks family announced their son's, Chet, use of cocaine. Horrified fans mourned over the tragic loss of reputation for Hanks, who must have been feeling it more dearly than anyone else. However, I believe I have discovered a nefarious, despicable truth behind these drug revelations. They were not, despite Hanks' claims due to his son's own mental issues, though he has many. Seriously, a lot. But, rather, it was a promotional PR stunt for Hanks, falling in popularity from the realm of popular culture, that same black loneliness piercing the veil he weaved for years. In a drastic, dramatic step, Hanks FAKED his sons drug use in order to gain popularity and notoriety once again, in an elaborate scheme while retaining his "nice guy" image. Contemporary culture requires new, astonishing events in order for you to remain relevant and I'm afraid Tom Hanks knew this too well. He clearly knew it more, than we knew him.
This has been the tale of Tom Hanks:

The Man Behind the Mask

Sponsored: This addition of 'A Deeper Look' has been brought to you by Mask 3, starring Tom Hanks, being in a theater far, far away from you. You're welcome.
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